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Saturday, 15 September 2012

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Government confirmed that it had Watahari Churna before taking decisions on FDI in retail and aviation

Opposition parties alleged that it was Shilajit rather than Watahari Churna
After announcing all the big bang reforms, including FDI in multi brand retail and aviation the government confirmed that all the ministers had a series of Watahari Churna (Powder that releases gas and acidity from stomach and clears it) on Thursday.
"Actually, everybody had serious digestion issues. All of us were facing damn bad gastrick trouble and acidity that was the reason we were a bit slow in the reforms. However, Yoga Guru Baba Ramkisan suggested us to take his Watahari Churna to release all the stock that was collected over last years," said Janardan Dwivedi, a Senior Congress Leader.
He said "All the party members and ministers of UPA government, excluding TMC stood in a line and took the churn at a time and released the gases. We felt immensely free and clear after releasing gases and reducing acidity."
Baba Ramkisan confirmed that he was the one who suggested such churn to the government.
He said "Actually, for last few months I am keenly watching the developments. My rival Baba Ramdev was getting overboard and completely destroying the UPA government which was a sloth like paced on account of huge inventory of gases out of eating some currency, equities, foreign exchange, bonds and debentures, etc. So I thought to come forward and release the stomach related pressure of the ministers and senior leaders of the government."
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Congress Party Senior Leader Digvijay Singh told India Satire Correspondent "It was Baba Ramkisan who really made our day. Now we have empty stomachs and even Indians are. We now feel at par with the aam aadmis and therefore thought to fill the stomach by allowing FDI in retail and aviation. Plus government machinery will also start working at a super fast speed. The idea to approach Baba Ramkisan was entirely of Rahul Baba who was busy observing him for last few months."
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While the decision is going to create jobs and will improve public distribution system plus rationalisation of prices for end consumers, the opposition parties decided to attack on the ruling government in a different way.
BJP President Nitin Gadkari told media "Our sources had confirmed that it was not Watahari Churna but Viagra pills or Shilajit that Government had taken and showed this much of courage."
He observed that sudden rise in the enthusiasm and power is out of these two medicines only. He said "I am damn sure that government even possibly tried few steroids and want to know why CBI should not inquire about the sudden rise in the power of the government."
According to sources, Nitin Gadkari himself is planning to visit Baba Ramkisan to ask him about releasing gases and sudden rise in the power and enthusiasm. However, for what reason he was inquiring that the sources haven't disclosed.

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