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Friday, 14 September 2012

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Government condemned government’s decision of hiking diesel prices

Petroleum and Finance Ministers said diesel price hike is unrealistically high and Government should roll back
UPA Government condemned against UPA Government's decision on hiking diesel prices and capping limit to use LPG Cylinders and asked itself rolling back the prices or it would make a nation-wide agitation.
"This hike is totally unjustified and a shock to me. I ask Government to roll back," said Jaipal Reddy, Petroleum Minister of India.
He said "The decision came from that useless Petroleum Minister who along with Finance Minister P Chidambaram decided to raise diesel prices. I am with common man of India and will fight with government against this diesel price hike."
Finance Minister P Chidambaram's reaction was not very different. He also supported Jaipal Reddy's agitation. He said "It was that stup*d Chidambaram's decision who actually made the calculation that diesel prices will reduce the subsidy burden. Every day that irrational Petroleum Minister was asking to raise oil bonds which otherwise would have increased public debt to save those sloth like paced government oil companies. Finally, both the nuts only kicked on the a$$es of middle class Indians by raising diesel prices. I condemn this move and ask both the ministers to roll back the prices otherwise face a nationwide agitation."
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Government also asked these notorious ministers to take steps not to raise prices against till 2014 elections.
"Yea we also ask them to not take decision on raising prices again, at least till 2014," said Jaipal Reddy.
However, allies and opposition parties cried that it was a UPA Government's double game and it is unreasonably showing how it is insensitive towards India's working class by mocking it.
"Woh sab toh magarmachch ke aasu hai. They should at least provide subsidised diesel to lower casts," said Mayawati, Supremo of Mayawati.
BJP leader Sushma Swaraj said "The government is totally insensitive towards India's middle class and both the ministers are mocking the Indian public."

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