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Thursday, 2 August 2012

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Virat Kohli said he would hit hat trick of centuries against Sri Lanka

He said not every time this kind of pitch and bowlers get, England, Aussie pitches are fucking backward
Virat Kohli confirmed that he is looking for a hat-trick of centuries in Sri Lanka, as favorable pitches and bowlers are hardly available elsewhere.

"Yes I would certainly want to ensure third century for India, as good pitches and helpful bowlers are unavailable elsewhere in the world, apart from India," said Virat Kohli to India Satire sports correspondent.
He told correspondent that he is in a hurry and if there had been 20 ODIs he would have scored at least 18 centuries.
He said Pitches are mind blowing here and bowlers also are very much supportive to guests.
"We should learn from them how to give respect to guests," told Kohli.
"Watch Malinga, he doesn't set an aim to bowl on a particular place. He can bowl at anywhere on the pitch, undecided," informed Kohli.
However, Kohli slammed Australia, South Africa and England for their unfriendly behavior towards World Cricketers.
He said "Aussie, Kiwis and Africans suck yaar. They are so backward in their thinking and lacks professionalism. These countries provide really useless pitches which were used at the time of bodyline matches. I really feel that Team India should only visit, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal, for their professionalism."

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