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Thursday, 2 August 2012

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Team manager- Hockey team could have scored at least 21 more goals against Kiwis, if strategies would not have leaked

Gagan Narang may join the team as a goal keeper cum goal shooter
Indian Hockey Team manager Shrikant Iyengar told media that the hockey team could have scored 21 more goals against New Zealand, if the strategy was not leaked before the match started.

“Actually, we planned that everybody in Indian team, including our goal keeper would score at least two goals against New Zealand showing them the real clout of India. However, somebody leaked the strategy and Kiwis just blocked every player, excluding goal keeper before reaching their D,” Shrikant Iyengar told special India Satire Correspondent in London.
Earlier before the tournament, India Satire covered a story that Indian team would allow only attacking players to reach to goal post. However, the strategy was changed mean time.
He said “We are actually called an inquiry to know who leaked our strategies.”
There were rumors that the Indian team is planning to invite Gagan Narang as a goal keeper so that he can shoot the ball from his hockey stick directly goes inside the goal post of other team, to at least win next few matches.
Iyengar told correspondent “Yes we are in talks with Narang. As soon as he finishes his 50m pistol stuffs, he would join us as a goal keeper come ball shooter. This will solve our serious problem that all the team players are not able to reach to the goal posts of the opposite team.”
Shrikant Iyengar also slammed on the criticisms made by Coach Michael Nobbs and said “Before signing a contract with him we made him clear that our team likes king size performance so that he should ensure us that everybody in the team would get chance to score at least 2 goals and  22 goals in a match.”

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