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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

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UPA government will launch Rahul Gandhi as beta version of Prime Minister

People can switch over from Manmohan Singh to Rahul Gandhi in one click but not from Rahul Gandhi to Manmohan Singh
Taking a revolutionary decision that can inspire world politics, UPA today said that it will launch Rahul Gandhi as the beta version of the prime minister, making available Indians an option from switching over from Manmohan Singh. However, the party has made difficult to to switch from Rahul to Manmohan.

"Yes we are considering Rahul Baba to now take the loads of hit that Prime Minister faces. Errr.... sorry he should take more responsibility towards betterment of Indians, particularly aam aadmis," said Salman Khurshid, India's Law Minister.
He said “This would be a beta version and actual full fledge launch of the Prime Minister in 2014. As it is he would be the prime minister from 2014 so people would get to see his real work and some of his fans who are eager to see him becoming Prime Minister can switch quickly.”
The idea came, after a lot of Congress Senior Leaders were asking to take responsibility, few of them also requesting him to become prime minister.
Digvijay Singh, a senior leader of the Congress Party who was first to raise the voice that Rahul Gandhi is most eligible bachelor to become India's Prime Minister said "Actually, idea came to my mind while watching my tumbling share prices on Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) website. BSE’s website has a fresh version and old version and people can easily switch from one to other. The idea is such that by using new version Indians can get accustomed to it. So I discuss this idea with Soniaji who was very happy on my brain's thought process. Now we can provide people an option to choose old version or fresh version."
BSE Websites Older Version and New Version with easy switching facility
However, the sources said that the UPA government has not provided any option to switch from Rahul Gandhi to Manmohan Singh to people who chose to go with Rahul Gandhi.
"That is not totally correct. We have provided such option, but it is difficult to use and people would undergo serious psychotherapy taste and require bringing psychiatrist certificate," said Manish Tewari.
He said "The idea is that to understand those people who want to switch, as while whole country is eagerly waiting for buttery and delicious looking Rahul Baba with so much ideas and fundas in place, why few want to switch over. Are they become insane, idiots or stupids? So it is the process to check mental weakness of those people and if serious thing found they will be admitted to Mental Asylum."

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