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Monday, 23 July 2012

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Nithyananda on P A Sangama

Oozing without Snoozing
Jail life is difficult. You are away from real natural things for example greenery which surrounds you and totally become yours. After a life with green Vegas, sorry Las Vegas nobody would like to see the jail people. I actually moved to US just because I could be more natural, however, people here in India hate naturalists and they just make some idiotic sting operations.
Hey just recalled something when I told about sting operations. I have to congrats Pranab Mukherjee for becoming 13th President of India and joining Raisina Hills. Ooommm… raisins I really like raisins.. where are they… Oh sorry just a bit off track. Yea so I was talking about Pranab Mukherjee. I believe he doesn't have capabilities of enjoying raisins still got Raisina Hills which makes me feel little bit jealous about him as he got a place where he wouldn't be tracked besides moving outside India. Great! Even ND Tiwari would have thinking on the same lines. Tiwariji, I love you. Whenever, I recall that photo of him oops… a jaagruthi of love and lust both come at a time. Oh again off track… So there would be no cameras in his bedroom and private places, I could have been over there. Sucks! why didn't that idea get inside my intelligent brain earlier? I could have managed to get Karunanidhi's vote in my favor and thereby also UPA's votes. Forget it, next time I will try for President Election if Rahul Gandhi doesn't fit for it.
By the way, I really feel sad for people who have problem of Premature Ejaculation and therefore I really have sympathies for PA Sangama. I heard that PA Sangma lost his control and went to court for asking to call the elections were fixed. Beta Sangma, I feel sad for you almost as much as I feel for the people with Premature Ejaculation problems. People with this kind of problem ooze without snooze and not snoozing before oozing.  These are the people who almost see the most beautiful structure but can't enjoy. Such losers are they. I had no issues with them but unfortunately I feel bad for you Sangma. You could take some medicines of vitamins and sit with Mamata for few days to take the lessons of how to convert, calmness into rage. Whenever I would get out of this jail, I will take yoga lessons of you which would give you permanent solution. It's just snoozing before oozing out. Till then enjoy your house.

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