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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

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Government appoints Bhola to give forecast of rains, as IMD faulters

Government will change IMD's name to I M Dumb
Indian government finally decided to appoint Bhola the rain forecaster of Sultan Village of Uttar Pradesh to give correct and possibly 99.99% right forecasts of rains.
"IMD is loser, never succeeds in giving true forecasts," said Food Minister KV Thomas.
He said "We identified Bhola from Sultan in Uttar Pradesh who is better in forecasting the rains. We also plan to change Indian Meteorological Department's name to I M Dumb please kick on my ass."
Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) is the only forecaster which gives the rain fall forecasts to farmers of India. Its forecasts usually falter from what actual results are.
K V Thomas said "I personally asked other villagers, they said they never believe in IMD's forecasts and Bhola who just takes some food from the villagers is more reasonable for them. We also thought wasting lakhs of rupees on dumb officials which not even touch 98% levels of what actually happens is not a good idea and thought to spend a bit of 2-3 thousand odd rupees on Bhola."
While IMD's reactions were not yet received, Bhola said he is very happy to provide his expert services to the government.

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