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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

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Government announced a bailout package for Air India on loss of 122 passengers

All 122 passengers decided not to travel by Air India again
Indian government announced a special mini bail out package to Air India, which is expected to lose precious 122 passengers after flight landing fiasco in Pakistan.
"Yes, when our sources told us that all the passengers conspired that they would not travel again in Air India, as a measure of keeping our shareholder's (government) interest safe, we demanded a special bailout package from the government which is approved immediately," said Rohit Nandan, Chairman & Managing Director.
Air India's flight, AI 940, while flying over Pakistan flight, encountered a technical snag warning in the hydraulic system and decided for an immediate landing at Nawabshah airport in the Sindh province. The passengers told that they were warned by Plane crew "not to move around, to fasten the seat belt and be prepared for anything" as the plane was making a landing in emergency conditions.
One traveller in the flight, D K Malhotra said "Losers! I couldn't unzip pants for 2 hours. They have to pay me each n every penny for my irritation and loss of each second without peeing."
Another passenger, Sanjay Joshi said "I was not prepare to go by Air India flight as the toilets stinks and aunties don't provide good service. But my idiot company manager to save Rs 1500 sent me from this plane. I am not going to leave him peacefully and will sue him along with Air India."
India Satire poll of all 122 passengers said that they are not going to travel through Air India again.
Nitin Sharma, an expert in aviation industry said "I think they are true. Even I will not travel by Air India which has a track record of taking a halt in Kabul or Pakistan. Does it make sense? Who knows next time where will they land?"
While 122 number is a large chunk from Air India, the management decided to take all the emergency steps to recover the expected future losses through bailout package.
"See boss, we don't expect that our services will see any drastic change after this incidence and it would take a bit time for all the air hostess aunties to retire further new girls which are in the back office will join the crew as air hostesses when they themselves become aunties. So its a vicious circle. Also we have not developed an air landing system over Pakistan or Afghanistan so immediate landing can't be ruled out. Who knows next time you may land at Somalia," said Rohit Nandan.
Government, which recently accepted Rs30000Cr bailout for the bleeding airline company, confirmed the news that it is going to give a mini bail out to Air India.

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