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Saturday, 16 June 2012

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According to survey Indian citizens are happier for Pranabda on taking VRS instead of reelecting Abdul Kalam as India's President

Shocking revelation slammed on Mamata Banerjee
An extensive survey by Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS) came to a conclusion that Indian people are more happy that Pranab Mukherjee left finance ministry than Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam couldn't become the President of India. The finding was an another slap on the face of Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee who was constantly saying that country wants Dr. Kalam to be India's President.

"Now Mamata has nothing to say and now let her take Facebook Poll and become the Facebook's President. The study of independent survey wanted Pranab Mukherjee to become the President of India," said Congress spokesperson Janardan Dwivedi.
The survey of 12469 people from various age groups, income groups and castes were interviewed by CSDS. 90% of them told the agency that it is better Pranab Mukherjee leave finance ministry immediately and become less harmful by joining presidency of India. Most of them were unanimous that they can bear the fact that Dr. Kalam can't become President of India if Pranabda takes a voluntary retirement and become the 'Yes Man' of the government.
"He was always a Yes Man but when he was in the finance ministry it affected entire country, its economy and more strongly on the inflation. Now, his work would be restricted only to choose foreign trips and make the itinerary of the tours," said Pankaj Desai, one of the participants in the survey.
Yogendra Yadav, a social scientist and member of CSDS said "Yea! Actually people want lesser irritation. This is a common behavior I found in all the people of India. Our earlier survey also says the same thing. So it is always be a lesser harm than more utility. So the survey reflects the mindset of the people."
Congress Party celebrated the survey finding and rubbished Mamata Banerjee's findings that almost entire country wanted Dr. Kalam to become India's President.
Janardan Dwivedi also asked all the participants of the survey and entire nation to thank Sonia Mata who just move Pranabda from finance minister's post and Congress' internal defence minister's post to harmless post.

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