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Saturday, 16 June 2012

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Nithyananda on Mamata Banerjee joining Facebook

Secret of ND Tiwari's eternal sex life revealed

I congratulate Pranab Mukherjee with immense peace in my mind towards his tenure of President of India. As he crossed his age of sex life, I would not suggest him anything. Otherwise with my experience he could have avoided any kind of surveillance camera in President House.
Rest everybody sleep in peace including police, judges, and my girlfriends for some time so that I would write Nithyananda Vani for the fans of India Satire.
Today as usual, Times of India came with weird news that Mamata Auntijee joined Facebook and only she herself liked her own profile. I have suggestion for auntyji. She can practice yoga and keep herself fresh and more eventful. Ok! So she can consistently watch her breath if she has some bit of patience and she can become peaceful, fresh and eventful woman.
One eventful person and my ardent follower I remember was ND Tiwari who crossed his age of sex but still love the weird stuff. He is a real sexual beast. Pranab can learn from his colleague.
Patience helps man to grow up their own limbs into fully erected species. I had practiced such yoga and Ranjithaji was the fan of it, aghast.....
These days I am just having some dumbbells to keep my body more lively so that after I bailed out by Indian judges I will practice more yoga. I don't have sad feeling that these days I am busy in actual spiritual yoga rather than immortal physical yoga, but at least they could have leaked my video with more beautiful girls and great foreigners instead of aunty Ranjitha.
Ok so come back to Mamata Auntyji! So auntyji you should avoid bhondu babas like Ramdev Baba who preaches idiotic yoga moves while disallowing you to collect some black money. You can come to me when I will be released from the jail. I would give you training of peaceful yoga as well as earning a bit of black money.
I have many advises for other people too which shall come back with time as I have a lot of free time and there is no lady police inspector over here. Thanks to India Satire for publishing my Vani.

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