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Thursday, 28 June 2012

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A survey made by independent research suggests Amul's milk is thinner than water

Company said that the milk is extracted from 'Holy Cow', making easy for people to achieve salvation
After a lot of complaints from consumers over the quality of the milk, an independent research wing of Milking Consumer Foundation (MCF) said  that water is thicker than Amul Taaza milk and forwarded its findings to world renowned Guiness Book of Records to note such a great revelation.
"It is not possible that the milk can be thinner than water. However, it is possible with Amul Taaza," said Ruchir Roy, surveyor of MCF.
He said "I am a loyal customer of Amul's milk and for last 1 decade I have observed a drastic reduction of the milk's thickness. Therefore, tried to measure it and I got such an astonishing results."
Ruchir Roy said India Satire correspondent that he sent his findings to Amul's parent Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd (GCMMF) and also suggested that the management of the company can apply for getting into Guinness World Records as there is no other company which manages to reduce thickness of milk even below water.
"Yea we have received findings and suggestions from Ruchir Roy and we are considering to act on them," said GCMMF Managing Director R S Sodhi.
Sodhi said "We ourselves shocked after seeing those findings. These are our collaborative efforts to reduce milk's thickness to such a 0.01% levels."
Talking about the successful formula, Sodhi said "We actually extract milk from a lot of Holy Cows which drinks a lot of water and therefore we get such thinner milk. As this milk is from holy cows, it directly helps consumers to achieve salvation. Further whatever cream and butter we get that we sell to the guys with sin in mind. However, for pure milk consumers we feed them with no-fat and thinner than water milk considering their health in mind. Milk extracts and cream is totally unhealthy. Even I drink Amul Taaza and look at my body."

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