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Thursday, 28 June 2012

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Saudi men to replace women in Olympic games

Government's decision slaps Human Rights Watch
After Human Rights Watch criticized Saudi Arabia for imposing a ban on sports on millions of women and girls in the country, the government decided to replace Saudi women with men by telling them to wear burkas.
Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al Saud, the King of Saudi Arabia said "We want to prove Saudi Arabia is a very modern country and welcomes all the new things. By telling our men to wear burkas and contest in the Olympic games in 2012, Inshallah we shall also tell world that we have most modern culture."
A government source said that a rapid action team is working on selecting the various deprived Saudi men who want to visit foreign countries but couldn't.
Himesh Reshmia look a like
Jawahir bin Rahman to
Visit London Olympics

"They are poor but very talented. Many have looks and figures of women which we ourselves use when get bored with our millions of women. We thought why shouldn't we send them to Olympics," said Prince Mutaib bin Abdullah, the Commander of the Saudi National Guard.
"Gulfam e jannat, we want to go to Britain for playing all the games which ladies play," said Jawahir bin Rahman, an applicant.
However, sources said that many Saudi men have applied for replacing women for just watching beautiful British women closely.

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