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Thursday, 21 June 2012

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Sharad Pawar slapper may use slipper this time - IB alert

Kapil Sibal is searching for suitable helmet for internal security
After India's most read satire news paper, Times of India reported a first Intelligence Bureau (IB) alert that slapper Harvinder Singh who slapped former telecom minister Sukhram and Union minister Sharad Pawar within a span of five days in November 2011, might slap Human Resource and Development (HRD) minister Kapil Sibal at a public function, India Satire correspondent received an another alert from an IB source that this time Harvinder Singh would use slipper.
An IB source told India Satire correspondent "We got a call from Harvinder Singh early in the morning. He said to us that oye! ye strong Sardarnu aawaj hai. Unni chotte chotte loggo ke liye mera itthu itthu saa haath kaafi thaa oye... Pan abb mainu apani slipper laggani hai. While we tried to ask him where he is he just put down the phone."
When the correspondent tried to contact IB, it said that they have only first alert and can't talk to any other satire besides TOI on the sensitive issues.
The director of Intelligence Bureau (IB), Nehchal Sandhu said "WTF! How does it matter whether he will hit by slipper or slapper. Thing is it is the first time that IB alerted the target before it got accomplished. So celebrate it. If we get any other alert, then read it on TOI."
India Satire correspondent could not reach to Kapil Sibal for his reactions. According to sources, he cancelled all the public functions and press conferences till he finds a suitable helmet for himself.
Helmet that may be used by Kapil Sibal to protect himself
The source told India Satire correspondent "Actually, Sibal Sir's head is unusually strong and big including his face. Therefore, we are trying to manufacture a suitable and safe helmet from a branded helmet company."
The source also said that meanwhile Sibal is finding a censorship law on slapping the politicians or challenging to slap the politician. 

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