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Friday, 8 June 2012

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Sanjay Joshi quits BJP, joins Dara ki Vyayamashala

Challenges Modi to have real kushti with him on the muddy red turf
Sulking BJP General Secretary Sanjay Joshi resigned from the party and took a decision to join a roadside local Gymnasium as a coach and a participant in a Kushtis.

"Yes, it was so dumb to remain in the party which was just supporting Narendra Modi without giving me a proper chance to have Mukka Laat with him. It's ridiculous when the entire party is biased. While Nitinji made my way to fight with him by appointing me as a General Secretary and on the crucial task of Uttar Pradesh, other RSS and BJP guys just hide him from me. See now a battle should be there on an equal and non biased turf. Therefore, I just joined this Dara ki Vyayamashala in which I will train kids to fight against non-secular nature people while Dara Singh, head of the Vyayamashala will personally train me. I challenge Narendra Modi, come on this muddy red turf and have a kushti with me, surely I will show him my power," said Sanjay Joshi.
He said that he also asked Nitin Gadkari to leave BJP's presidential post and use the opportunity to reduce his weight.
"However, Nitinji meakly denied and told me that he has many things to do apart from losing weight," said Sanjay Joshi.
India Satire correspondent contacted Narendra Modi, who said that he doesn't give a shit on all these useless challenges and would like to continue his brainy fight rather than physical level abuse.

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