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Monday, 11 June 2012

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MP Sachin Tendulkar refuses to accept Delhi residence located near by Rahul gandhi's residence.

Sachin says officially that he doesn't want to burden government while reason was said to be different
While Sachin Tendulkar is stressing the point that by refusing the government's house in New Delhi, he is going to reduce the burden of the government and save the tax payer's money. However, according to a source of India Satire from the Parliamentary Affairs department, Sachin Tendulkar was horrified by the idea that he would have to share the closer companionship with India's future Prime Minister, Rahul Gandhi.

According to a source, Sachin Tendulkar visited Rahul Baba's house on his special request after President of India, UCSG (under the control of Sonia Gandhi) last month nominated him as Rajya Sabha MP. Rahul Baba in his house showed him the collection of lots of games and also took him and his wife Anjali Tendulkar to his games room. Though, the house was one of the best houses in terms of kids playing games like Ludo or checkers and many other high-tech games such as Playstation and other video games, Sachin Tendulkar couldn't digest the idea of such a weird neighboring.
"What is this? I left Mumbai because of Vinod Kambli and now I have to live next to Rahul?" muttered Sachin, in Anjali's ears.
"I can't do such stupid thing by living next to such irrational person and moreover this guy will be surrounded by people like Diggy Chacha, Kapil Sibal, Chidduji, Salman Khursid. I can't take part in Rahul's daily life routine of playing Playstaion, Ludo and telling stories at night when he sleeps. There are other people for that. It will make me demented faster than normal human being. Look at Diggyji. I am never scared of facing any bowlers in this world but company of Rahul Baba is far too scary."
Source said that to IS correspondent even Anjali was a little bit scary about the whole idea. She told Sachin that while Sachin is mostly out to play or some other business, their two children Arjun and Sara would be dominated with the company of Rahul Baba.
"Children should be in intelligent environment with high IQ friends. But you know Amul Baby is as demented as his mentor Diggyji. They will spoil our kid. We can't risk our children brain at all.Let Rahul Baba find other kid companies," said Anjali
Sources say that over excited Rahul Baba already bought lots of toys, new ludo, kid paintings, playstations and other stuffs to play and gift tendulkar family. But his desires seem to be shattered.
"It's my personal decision. No one should say me what I have to do." said and signed off Sachin.
(Reported by our special correspondent Jhyap)

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