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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

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Top Stories of the day: Hillary Clinton, Manmohan Singh, Pakistan, US, Mayawati,, Vijay Mallya, Air India, Al Qaeda, Underwear Bombs and AK Antony


Fuc*ingly Idiotic still worthy to read

India Satire introduces top stories of the day article. These will involve today's stories from Google 
News and the utter nonsense unreal stories by India Satire.

Top Headlines

Hillary Clinton assured Manmohan Singh that vehicles on water-as-fuel will be manufactured and outsourced 
from India if it cuts oil imports from Iran.

Pakistan assured US that it will cut nuclear fuel exports to Iran by 10% in FY13.

Behenji Mayawati received Tirupati Balaji Award of politicians for lavish earnings from her devotee voters. Sources said that after spending Rs 86 crore public money on her bungalow, Mayawati spent Rs 10 crore each on her 20 diamond quoted sandals. Mayawati said that she received all these gifts from her devotees.

Info Edge India, owner of said that it is keeping the track on developments in Air India strike. It said that if the strike gets successful, they will get new 100 applications for jobs of pilots, if it doesn't the site will receive 500 applications.

Vijay Mallya denied that he appointed the 10 Air India pilots after the company fired them. He said that he himself wants a job and applied to

Pakistan witnessed huge protests after India's Supreme Court said that it will eliminate Haj subsidy in 10 years. The event sees a new reason for Pakistan to cry for Indian muslims after Babari Masjid and Narendra Modi saga.

Al Qaeda said that it still has not developed the technology to put 2 bombs in the underwear, right now only few terrorists are carrying natural piss making bombs while other few carries only peace making bombs.
US based Independent Research company said that underwear bombs are inconvenient for people who want to pee.

AK Antony to seek hike in defence outlay to counter twin threats from Pakistan, China. Tatra truck makers raise the prices of the defence trucks by twice after reading the news.

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