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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

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Finding difficulties in searching each-n-every underwear, US officials made special request to Agent Vinod 'Saif' to check all the underwears of terrorists for Underwear Bomb


US said only Agent Vinod has capabilities to defuse dangerous underwear bomb

US intelligence agencies such as FBI, which are unanswered by underwear bombs are trying to reach India's great RAW agent, Agent Vinod who recently unveiled Indian businessmen planting the terror attacks for just few bucks gains through short selling in the equity markets.

A senior US official told India Satire that a bomb for the would-be attack was sewn into "custom fit" underwear that would have been difficult to detect even in a careful pat-down at an airport.

He said that the bomb-detecting-machine can only detect natural bomb of terrorists which is used for piss making purposes and can't search another bomb in the underwear that is used for piece making purposes. He confirmed that only Agent Vinod has such capabilities to identify and differentiate underwear bomb of both the qualities.

The official told that Agent Vinod can know whether there is another bomb or not by just smelling or just by staring the underwear from a long distance.

"He has in-built sensor. He can easily differentiate smell of the device, whether it is the smell of the urination or ammonium nitrate," said the US official.

"There is a very subtle difference in the smell of urine and ammonium nitrate and therefore it is a very difficult job, which can be done by a specialist like Agent Vinod," he said.

The US official also acknowledge the efforts of India's Agent Vinod 'Saif' and told India Satire that the US citizens are gradually enlightened and understood that terrorists are actually innocent and some businessmen lobbies could be there to plant the bombs.

"Even in this case an agent of FBI planted the bomb while we thought it was actually Al-Qaeda's official representative," said the US officials.

SM Krishna, India's foreign minister said India Satire correspondent "It is a proud feeling for Indians as now US is recognizing India's power in the intelligence and admitting it. We are in touch with Saif Ali Khan, who is also Agent Vinod to help US in finding out the underwear bombs. We request him to thoroughly check each and every underwear with due care."

India Satire correspondent contacted Saif Ali Khan for his reactions, who is also busy in making Agent Vinod's sequel. Saif initially saw the correspondent and strongly hit on his nose, yelled and said "You fu*king guys, since I released that crap Agent Vinod, you guys are behind me like RAW is behind any ISI agent. WTF! I smell urine or not, what is your interest in it? In my sequel, I am going to show how satirists are involved in planting bombs and the names of innocent Al-Qaeda and Lashkar-e-Taiba guys involved."

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