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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

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Stray dogs took possession of Chennai’s Chidambaram Stadium immediately post IPL final match

Asks BCCI to reduce duration of the tournament
Chennai-based stray dogs immediately took possession of M Chidambaram (No he is not related to P Chidambaram) cricket ground which was occupied by BCCI for IPL under tight security for almost two months.

"Yes, we took possession just at 1am after KKR-CSK match as decided earlier with BCCI Chief N Srinivasan," confirmed All India Stray Dog Association (AISDA) President Shera.
"No neither we supported KKR nor CSK as we all think it was a total bullshit," told Shera.
He also confirmed that they had to fight to occupy the place as teams such as KKR was celebrating beyond decided time limit of 12.30pm.
Shera told India Satire correspondent that before beginning of the IPL tournament all the dogs immediately left the place as per the request of BCCI Chief but when time came for human beings they remained stick to that place.
"Human celebrities and few shameless cricketers were still hanging around and finally after an attack by us and when few saw seriously crackling bites from me and my colleagues, they left the ground," said Shera.
Tommy, a dog who just a few months back left his house for sanyas told India Satire correspondent "We actually believe in non violence but few human beings were doing notorious activities like one guy just slapped my friend, Moti and abused him calling ma**d and bhe**d, so instead of using ban kind of foolish human activities we just kissed his feet a bit loudly, for which his reaction was very much loud."
According to sources that guy was Shahrukh Khan and he had to face burnt of Chennai's stray dogs. Dogs lobby is also deciding the length of IPL and till when they should allow their place to occupy. "We feel that IPL officials are quite blatant and despite losing popularity of the game and falling TRPs they are conducting this useless event for over a month, which is quite ridiculous and inconvenient for us," said Shera.
While India Satire correspondent tried to reach Srinivasan, he was told that BCCI Chief and owner of Chennai Super Kings was under a serious mental trauma and would hardly be able to speak. However, his secretary told that Srini Saar is recovering fast and seriously considering demands of dogs to reduce the length of the game which at least virtually will help the team to win next year's IPL.

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