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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

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Shahrukh Khan announced a movie version of final match of IPL

Movie would help recover Ra-One's losses
Shahrukh Khan (SRK) announced a movie version of IPL's final match that Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) won against Chennai Super Kings (CSK). SRK expects the movie version will be a bigger hit than his earlier Super Hero love story saga – Ra-One. SRK announced his plans in the grand party, after the IPL win.

"Yes, 2012 was a very bad year for me. However, it seems now I am recovering from that notorious phase. Erstwhile known for its dubious performance, KKR is now a big win. I want to release a movie on this win," said SRK in the party.
He said "This will not be an idiotic venture as like Ra-one and would have some serious theme like Chakde!"
However, according to sources, SRK was a bit on the top after having a bit of som ras (no relation to aam ras). But SRK's close friends told that he was serious about the film.
"I myself will direct this movie," said Karan Johar (K-Jo), SRK's buddy who is also a lucky mascot for SRK. SRK did My Name is Khan a mega blockbuster with him.
He said with wet eyes "SRK promised me on my birthday before leaving to the match that if KKR wins then he would be the person who directs a movie on the final match. He told me who else will direct it otherwise."
SRK will perform as Manvinder Bisla's role who came from a small town called Hisar and steal the show.
"Yea we bought all the rights from Bisla," said K-Jo "However, SRK will act as SRK himself in the movie and not Bisla. The theme will be before the final match with CSK, Gautam Gambhir gets worried on how to perform in the final when SRK comes to him and tells that he himself will take the strike. Though SRK was retired 35 years back from the active cricket, he was still a performer. After several doubts, Gambhir allows SRK to bat and he creates a big century. Out of 191, SRK scores 150 runs."
K-Jo told India Satire correspondent that the movie will be thrilling; it will have romance, emotional dramas, sacrifices of Poonam Pandey who strips for SRK's win and fights with anti-humane Mumbai Security guards.
"There is enough scope to keep few action sequences like Jaipur cigarette saga and punching Mumbai Security guards," said Karan Johar.
K-Jo confirmed that SRK called Poonam Pandey and thanked her for being his luck after India's world cup win. He plans to give a suitable role to her in the movie.
"The songs will be mostly dream songs of Gauri Bhabhi," K-Jo informed "They will be shown in every time out and before any thrilling over."
SRK also approached Farah Khan for the movie choreography, which she humbly accepted. According to sources, this way she saved her wifey husband's (Shirish Kunder) face to get a hard hit.
Shirish Kunder who uses his wife's clip, shampoo and ribbon said that he would really love to see if her wife would get back to SRK's camp.
Sajid khan, bollywood's funniest director approved by most serious director Sajay Leela Bhansali, said'' its great idea as people want only entertainment, who the hell cares about critics. I make movies only for people below IQ 50, and we have millions of such fans."
However a section of bollywood is not happy. A very prominent member of bollywood, who requested to keep his name anonymous told India Satire correspondent "Funny! First he sent all the producer money to Ra-One's gutter now he again wants to lose money. Why doesn't he accept that viewers don't want to see KRK of a big budget movie."
Ganguly also responded saying "If you lose money in buying player like Yusuf Pathan for millions then you have to find such silly way for recovery. Retaining me could have saved much more money."
Sources told that SRK offered Yusuf Pathan a role of spotboy in the movie.
SRK's rival Salman Khan said "I don't watch IPL as I am still to finish the counting of money created by Dabangg. Then I will start Ready and Bodyguard."
Meanwhile Priyanka Chopra tweeted all the best and offered her dates for the lead heroine's role or at least an item number.

(Story was contributed by our special correspondent Jhyap

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