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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

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Karan Johar will strip all his clothes if problems between Shahrukh and Salman Khan resolves

Poonam Pandey's latest flick inspired K-Jo's decision
Fanatically fascinated by KKR's win, Karan Johar announced that he will strip all his clothes if the matters between Shahrukh Khan (SRK) and Salman Khan resolves. Sources said that Karan Johar was inspired by Poonam Pandey who recently took a picture in her birthday suit, as committed before KKR's win.

"I am fuc*ed yaar because of the battle between these two machos. It is out of my imagination that I have to live with only one buddy while another is angry. This seems a really badass for me," said Karan Johar, popularly known as K-Jo.
K-Jo earlier worked with both together in a movie called Kuch Kuch Hota hai. However, despite talks that relationships were improving between Salman Khan and Karan Johar, Salman skipped his birth day.
While SRK promised K-Jo to gift him the IPL Cup on his birthday and would try everything to fulfill that promise, remained mum when asked for reuniting bonds with Salman Khan.
K-Jo told India Satire correspondent that while Poonam Pandey is a lady and she can take such a step and become a lucky mascot, why not he.
"I still look young and a treat to watch for many reverse sex or similar sex lovers. Through, this nude picture I will ask them all to pray to the god for creating a bond between these two macho men," said K-Jo.
However, Poonam Pandey, who was real inspiration behind K-Jo's decision was, was kept herself low profile.
"So what, if he wants to get nude in front of viewers and why there is such a big blah-a-ah? There is no need to give so much publicity to his decision on the news papers and its his personal decision so keep it personal only and no need to give popularity," said Poonam Pandey.
While she came to know that K-Jo's decision was inspired from her own nude claims, she said "That's cool! But I haven't heard any offers from him or SRK, till date."
K-Jo's decision however, created a ruckus among bollywood personalities, prominent socialites and many netizens.
Bollywood personality Ram Gopal Varma said "Shit! Ever since his Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, I told he is a dumb a$$ and he is proving it by these kind of idiotic activities. I would like to see nude ghosts and no way he is near to become a ghost and let us leave alone."
Prominent socialite and great fashion designer Manish Malhotra said "Oh shit! K-Jo should not do this to me. He should keep it more private and personal between us rather than exposing the delicate flickets of our lives."
Most of the netizens said that they are heterosexuals and would not be interested in this news or images of K-Jo.
Between there was an offer from BCCI Chief to K-Jo for keeping his mouth shut and don't lead a new ruckus to be created by Ashwin, his son. Sources said that Srinivasan offered a new team, Team Puducherry to K-Jo, for postponing this decision.

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