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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

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A fan of Rajinikanth stopped wearing banyan on Rajini's personal request


Another extreme touched by Rajinikanth's fan following

After requesting his fan not to contest elections from Pudukottai Assembly constituency, Tamil superstar and India's only real superhero requested another fan to not to wear vest (banyan). The fan, who is also a coconut vendor in Chennai, accepted the request and stopped wearing banyan immediately to go topless.

Development came at the time Rajinikanth was visiting Chennai in the afternoon.

"Rajini Saar's car AC was not working and therefore he just opened the windows while a wave of sun heat came inside," informed Rajinikanth's driver Venkatesha.

Recently, Rajinikanth requested his fan, K Sridhar from Pudukottai district to withdraw the nomination or not to use the name of the fans club or its flag if he wished to go ahead with his decision. Sridhar immediately followed and withdrew his nomination. This was another extreme of Rajinikanth's fan following.

Venkatesha told India Satire correspondent that Rajini told him to stop the car and went to a coconut vendor who was wearing a banyan with neatly belted with a leather belt on his navel row and properly shut the intimate parts with a lungi.

"Rajini Saar saw him and asked his name who told that he was Ramappa," said Venkatesha.

"Rajini Saar told Ramappa that Raamappaah... inna so much of clothes you are wearing and I am feeling heatt out of that. You should not wear such a tight banyan, otherwise you will feel sweaty. I requestt you that you don't wear banyan and remove it from your body," said Venkatesha.

Ramappa immediately removed his banyan to show his fat tummy and made sure that Rajini's eyes will get brighten.

"Raajini Saar izz real godda. He showed so much of care towards me and outta of care only he told me to remove my banyan," said Ramappa. Correspondent said that the development immediately flew to everywhere and all the coconut vendors in Chennai are now topless.

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