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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

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Kapil Sibal thrashed Barack Obama for talking nonsense on historic person like David Beckham


Asked to remove all the references about the statement

Mentor of India's students, intellectual and inventor of a theory of formation of zero loss out of lakhs of crore rupees, Kapil Sibal thrashed Barack Obama over talking nonsense on David Beckham's underwear and asked him to remove such stupid words from his own mouth to ensure better future of students. He was expressing his bitter views in Parliament.

"He is damn idi*t," said Kapil Sibal "What the hell he was talking about the underwear of David Beckham? Useless buggar."

Sibal said "He should have watched at India's steps to curb nonsensical cartoons from the Indian text books, a step toward total ban on satirical and sarcastic behavior. Look at Indian politicians they have achieved peak of the seriousness."

Sibal took left-n-right on Barack Obama's statement that said David Beckham also has his own line of underwear.
Sibal said "David Beckham is a historical person and therefore this satirical statement should be removed from the internet and all the text books of US and India."

He also praised Times of India for showing immediate action over the issue.

He said "I approached TOI editor in chief to remove the sentence from their website, which they removed readily as a part of service towards nation building totally inverse of that trash Facebook and Google."

When India Satire approached US President Barack Obama for his views, he asked "Who is this Sibbol? I have never heard this name. Is she Mitt Romney's private secretary?"

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