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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

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Top Stories of the day: Congress Party, Alex Paul Menon, Telangana, Syria, Kofi Annan, Barack Obama, Rupert Murdoch, UK Government, Mitt Romney, Akshaya Tritiya, Alphonso Mangos, Reliance, Vijay Mallya, Mukesh Ambani


Fuc*ingly Idiotic still worthy to read

India Satire introduces top stories of the day article. These will involve today's stories from Google News and the utter nonsense unreal stories by India Satire.

Top Headlines during the day

Can't meet Naxal deadline of April 25, says govt; offers any of the 4 ministers sacked during the day from 
Congress party to replace with collector Alex Paul Menon to buy some time

Congress suspends 8 MPs from House, no not for watching porn but creating a run on Telangana

Syrian situation 'bleak' and 'unacceptable': Kofi Annan; requested Barack Obama to personally visit the affected places

Murdoch inquiry date spells trouble for UK govt; from press ethicks to political ethics. UK government promised that it will not press similar charges which put on Wikileaks owner Julian Assange on Murdoch

British Parliament confirmed that Rupert Murdoch is a big robber while Julian Assange was small, therefore can't arrest Rupert.

Mitt Romney pivots to general campaign as he accumulates primary wins, this time US citizens promised that they will not be mocked as like Obama did... is it true?

Hike in band price not to affect call tariff: TRAI, many telecom companies plan group suicide after reading this

Akshaya Tritiya sales not up to jewellers' expectations; people were buying Alphonso mangos at the cost of gold.

Reliance Industries in multi-prong plan to prop up production; he he he... this time hope so it will succeed

Don't approve RIL's D6 costs before our audit: CAG to Centre; Vijay Mallya sent condolences to Mukesh Ambani

Silvio Berlusconi confirmed that he is straight and has nothing to do with any gay and will only give money to girl, when Manali based gay Jesse Sworn demanded $5mn to keep his mouth shut.

Berlusconi said he never had sex with girls just kept them in front of him and start using his left hand, so he can't be charged on ethical reason.

Ricky Ponting passes Rahul Dravid in Test cricket by the narrowest of margins -- a single run; Australian Cricket Board asked him now when he is going to put papers

Mayawati asked center that it can put her statue for presidential candidate; Sonia is considering it seriously, as she can't find better immovable asset after Pratibha Patil

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