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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

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Indian MPs and MLAs unanimously demanded 'PA' certificate movies to Censor Board


Representatives of Indians asked Censor board to open its boundaries to use time in more productive way

A steep rise in the Censor Board's approval to A (Adult) certificate films increased the hopes of few India's representatives in parliament. Sources said that a bunch of MPs along with few state level MLAs approached Prime Minister Manmohan Singh with request to pressurize Censor Board for allowing Parental Age (PA) Certificate films by asking Censor Board to loosen its boundaries.

As per the data from the censor board, in 2008 the number of films that were given 'A' certificate were 403 which jumped to 452 in 2010 and the numbers further went up in 2011.

"We agreed with Vidya's claims and request Censor Board to loosen its boundaries," said a Member of Parliament, who requested to keep his identity anonymous.

He said "The board should allow PA certificate films so that we can make time more productive in watching movies on our 3G phones rather than wasting the time of parliament by battling with each other."
Sources said that many MPs have turned to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh (MMS) whether there is possibility to introduce criteria of Parental Age (PA) certificate films, which includes highly enlightening, funny, entertaining and sexually nurturing for the health of eyes.

Though, PMO denied to give any view, sources said that MPs made a convincing statement that they will not create chaos in the parliament if they get 3G phones and permission to watch PA certificate movies.

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