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Thursday, 19 April 2012

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Mukesh Ambani asks SP Tulsian to stop giving any rating on Reliance Industries


Please spare Reliance for now, Mukesh Ambani requested SP Tulsian

Star analyst and great recommender in the equity markets, SP Tulsian received a very strange request from a big business man Mukesh Ambani.
Mr. Ambani requested Tulsian to stop giving any recommendation on Reliance Industries shares, as it can't bear pain of further decline in the price.

"Yes! That's true. Every time Mr. Tulsian recommends investors for buying Reliance Industries, the stock price starts falling, as it is natural that whenever he calls it buy investors sell the shares and since a long time he never said sell on the stock. I genuinely asked him whether he wants to take any kind of revenge against me. Why is he consistently recommending on my stock?" said Mukesh Ambani, chief of Reliance Industries.
However, SP Tulsian denied that investors inversely follow him and he said that he is most followed stock adviser in India.

He said "It is totally wrong to say I drive the perception on the stock. It is fine sometimes it may fall it may rise it's a part of the game."

While Ambani who was in no mood to accept any kind of argument said "If this coincidence is with Reliance Industries it is better for him to stop here and spare the shares of Reliance Industries which already losing their market value."

Still the talks between Mukesh Ambani and SP Tulsian are going on. India Satire will report the developments.

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