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Saturday, 21 April 2012

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Fight between India and China over Agni-V


Unsettled media confused governments

India and China are on the war mood off the battlefield, creating a bit of fun for audiences. Following is an insight over the issue.

India successfully launched Agni-V

Indian media said

Beijing and Shanghai under the range of Agni-V

Chinese media said

Even if it has missiles that could reach most parts of China, that does not mean it will gain anything from being 
arrogant during disputes with China - China's communist party mouthpiece People's Daily's the Global Times

Indian government said

India enters elite ICBM league with Agni-V; security improved.

Chinese government said

India is a partner country and not competitor and therefore it is not worried about the test.

Indian media said

China's double face exposed, on the one side Chinese media criticised India's test of Agni-V on the other hand 
Chinese government took a cautious and humble view.

Chinese experts said

India is deliberately hiding its capabilities and the actual range of Agni-V. It can reach to at least 8000 kms.

Indian experts said

Agni-V launch hides strategic flaws

"We can all wrap ourselves in the flag today, but there's a dearth of real strategy on how to actually deploy missile technology," said C Raja Mohan, a security analyst and senior fellow at the Center for Policy Research, a policy think-tank in Delhi.

He said "We are still way behind China. In terms of missile numbers, range and quality, they are way ahead of us."

US media said

Agni-V launch places India on a footing with China

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