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Monday, 23 April 2012

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Congress Party made suicidal attempt after Mamata Banerjee again blackmailed it


Party sued Mamata Didi against her coercive techniques to fulfill the wishes

Congress Party which feels identity disgrace these days made a suicidal attempt, though no injuries were recorded, mental depression caused for a need to admit to mental asylum. Sources said Mamata Banerjee's (Mamata Didi) coercive techniques to make work done hit hard on the neural system of Congress Party, which made it feeling low-life kind of stuff.

After a series of warnings, ultimatums, challenges and weird demands of Mamata Didi, finally Congress Party made its first suicidal attempt yesterday. The party jumped from the first floor of parliament when Mamata Didi gave ultimatum to the Centre for moratorium on interest payments. However, though the jump was very strong, declining weight of the party over last few days made it landed safely on the land like on parachute.

Doctors said that though physical injuries couldn't be identified, the mental depression is so much that the party's brain is required to check. Doctors are sure that Congress Party has now Mamata Didi Low Life Syndrome (MDLLS). According to political experts, first time in India any political party made an attempt of suicide and also filed a suit for mental pressure.

Dr Anna Hazare suggested that the party should admit itself to mental asylum, where good psychologists would help it get out of low-life disease.

However, party leaders who are adamant over their health said that it is not at all required and party health is very good.

"Who said you Congress Party needs to admit to mental asylum? People who are talking that should be sent to RSS owned mental hospitals," said Chacha Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha), a prominent leader of Congress Party.
Sources said that the party filed a suit against Mamata Didi for disturbing its mental health and becoming reason for its high blood pressure.

"The party's reproductive capacity has tanked so much that the mental age of new and young leaders have reached to over 85 years and are totally unable to produce anything," said a political expert, Sudhodip Bandopadhyay.

Consequences of Mamata Didi Low-life syndrome

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