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Friday, 10 February 2012

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Controversial Karnataka Porngate incidence shook Political milkshake, ND Tiwari in focus again

BJP thrashed Sibal's claims said ministers were watching ND Tiwari's clips

A slew of new developments happened after the porngate incidence in Karnataka. A political word-war kept the politicians in ruling as well as opposition parties busy. Kapil Sibal's controversial statement on a small incidence of porn watching Karnataka ministers invited many comments from BJP, particularly focusing on Congress' most trusted, strongest and Viagra's India brand ambassador N.D. Tiwari. BJP raised many points which covered love-n-romance saga of ex-chief minister and governor N.D. Tiwari. DCFC's sex correspondent, Fekky Singh listed few of them.

One minister said it lacked entertainment value another said he learnt 80+ sex life

BJP strongly replied to Kapil Sibal's (Sibal Uncle) claims that the party was having "all the entertainment.
"The videos had no-entertainment value. Ek assi saal ka Buddha kyaa entertain karega," said party president Nitin Gadkari. He said "I had talked with both the ministers and they told that they were innocent. They were just watching few video clips of Narayan Dutt Tiwari, just to get out of the boring assembly session. However, the video clips were so low quality and third rate that the ministers felt it was better to concentrate on assembly session. We have already punished our MLAs for watching such low-quality porn movies (Please see the image above)."

Sacked BJP Minister, CC Patil who peeped for a few seconds and moving to apparently switch off the cell said "ND Tiwari, though showed immense strength in performing few hot and tough tasks in that video, the production values and the presentation was really hopeless and lacked any entertaining factors and therefore I shut down the cell phone out of irritation. I really missed some nasty and kinky actions from him."
Another sacked BJP Minister, Laxman Savadi who focused on the clippings through-out-session said "It was amazing to watch such a well-built old man taking so many girls. At my age when task performing becomes difficult, this guy was busy in doing with so many girls. He is real Viagra guy and I was just trying to learn how to do after 80."

However, Congress criticized BJP's view. Congress mouthshot, Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha) said "It requires immense amount of dedication and muscle to show such divine power at the age ND Tiwari was. He is still willing to become chief minister of UP which only shows how much he is eager he is to perform these tasks again at the current age. However, BJP Ministers by watching these videos not only showed their low grade thought process but also inability to be hardcore."

Sibal Uncle enquires whether mobile content can be censored, taking ND Tiwari's help

Sibal Uncle, who pioneered internet censorship is trying to expand his horizons. He enquired with his colleagues whether there is a concept called cell-phone censorship. Barring his and other few important numbers, he said he would like to ban free cell-phone usage.

"Yes that's true, Sibalji asked us to prepare a concept paper over cell-phone censorship which will allow carrying, transmitting, watching and keeping any sex or porn contents on mobile phones. We had a committee meeting and unanimously decided to request ND Tiwari to support the cause and monitor content on each and every mobile phone," said an assistant to Sibal Uncle.

However, many MPs, MLAs and ministers have opposed to the idea by calling it to the ban on right to watch.

!dea claimed that its '3G mein Busy' campaign worked

Idea Cellular which popularized a new anthem '3G mein busy' claimed that it was the success of its campaigning that the harmful MLAs, MPs and Ministers are now busy in scrolling 3G contents.

"It was sheer success of the 3G mein busy campaign which not just kept busy Indian audience but also Ministers were busy in watching 3G videos," said Himanshu Kapania, MD of Idea Cellular.

He also claimed that both the Karnataka ministers were using Idea's 3G services and they got seamless porn video experience.

Sacked ministers got job from Mulayam Singh Yadav

Mulayamwadi, Mulayam Singh Yadav had a different view. He said trash can be used everywhere.
He said "Porn videos helped reduce rape cases. These two ministers not only showed a way to reduce rape cases in the country as like I showed by announcing government jobs to rape victims. If I come to power in the UP state I would like them to invite as officials of Mulayamwadi Rape Victim Jobs Guarantee Scheme (MRVJGS)."

Viagra renewed its contract with ND Tiwari post Karnataka porngate saga

Pfizer Inc., the manufacturer of Viagra, the world's largest brand of sex power renewed contract with ex-chief minister of UP and muscle guru ND Tiwari, before any other company with healthy tablets approach him.
"Looking at consistent rise in the demand for the drug in India's political market, we thought of signing Mr. ND Tiwari as early as possible," said Dennis A. Ausiello, M.D. of Pfizer.

He said "We didn't want to lose the big opportunity with any small Indian manufacturer like Muscly Power and Giagra. Rising awareness about maintaining good sex life at the age when politicians become great grand fathers is a key mantra to our success and we want to capitalize the opportunity."

However, he didn't disclose the amount at which the company signed Mr. ND Tiwari.

(Reported by Sex Correspondent Fekky Singh)

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