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Thursday, 19 January 2012

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Times Group requested Kapil Sibal to ban derogatory contents on Arnab Goswami on the internet

Asks for pre-screening for the keyword 'Arnab Goswami', first of its kind in the industry

Times Group requested Kapil Sibal to ban derogatory contents on Arnab Goswami on the internet Irritated with flood of fake news and a lot of derogatory contents on Arnab, Times Group asked Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal to consider pre-screening of the keyword 'Arnab Goswami' in the internet. Pre-screening includes Google, Facebook and other 21 sites which are going to scan by the government.

"We know how much Arnab irritates his audience but this is not the way to express their irritation. If audience has any concern with Arnab they can express in a sophisticated manner rather than using such irritatingly funny words. We can't allow Arnab to become the scapegoat of our worst decision to launch English version of 'Aaj Tak' and 'India TV'," said Vineet Jain, MD of Times of India group.

Afflicted by demeaning statements from Netizens, Editor-in-chief of Times Now, Arnab Goswami is said to be under the attack of depression. A media expert who closely tracks the psychology of news reportes, Pankaj Basu said "I am closely watching Arnab since his birth in the media news report segment. His voice modulation and clarity clearly declined." Basu said "Generally, Loudness of normal adult human voice is about 70 decibels at three feet but for Arnab it was around 170 in normal parlance and at peak hours (called Prime Time in media circle) it increased to 350-370 decibels. However, for past 6 months I saw his voice at peak hours came down to average 250 decibels and 120 in normal parlance."

Arnab's wife confirmed Basu's findings with Diggy Chacha Fan Club (DCFC) correspondent. She said "I used to hear his murmuring even from 6-7 feet which is now not possible. His on-screen actions, which became the topic for fun for everybody on the internet now reduced by at least 50%. It is really disturbing, as how much a person can be degraded a group of nasty netizens. Making fun of such a great caliber reporter whose contribution to Indian society is immense is not good." However, she thanked to Times group for raising Arnab's lowering voice in front of the government.

When DCFC reporter asked Arnab how he feels, without completing the question, Arnab started answering "First I would like to tell you that you have only 7 seconds to ask any question. I don't want to talk much over nasty netizens (showing his hand as like Amitabh shows in his action movies). But the thing is whenever I open Google search engine and type my name, I use to see some malevolent and useless contents on my name. I have never seen such kind of contumelious statements for anybody in the world. Even, netizens make less fun of that funny guy Arindam Chaudhuri and many other droll politicians than me. Now-a-days, I stopped searching my own name on Google as like cricketers stopped watching nasty news channels."

Arnab, however, didn't forget to thank Times group MD Vineet Jain "First I want to tell you that Times Now is again the first to raise voices for reporters which are humiliated by wicked netizens. About Vineet, he is really a great guy and besides my exception he always used to support the freedom of netizens. Our Times of India website shows all type of contents from cracking entertainment (hot shoots, videos, etc.) to funny headlines, which is a big proof of his support to internet autonomy."

DCFC reporter when contacted to Kapil Sibal, he said "What the hell! What do you expect me to talk on this letter? I don't have time to remove his content. Already, so many people are behind me to remove their contents which include Diggy, Rahul Baba, Madamji and me. I don't want to get into all these crap. Law will do its work and I will take rest a bit. I urge netizens to keep kind and sophisticated approach and don't use f…ing derogatory language."

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