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Friday, 6 January 2012

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Stool samples suggest Diggy Chacha was present when RSS was formed

A dramatic turn to RSS controversy

Pachjanya Magazine added one more controversy to its list after publishing photo of great Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha) in Hindu Sammelan with RSS, VHP Leaders, it released a medical report that matching 2 stool sample reports that confirmed Diggy Chacha's genes match the genes of Ramnares Bansal who was present at the formation of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) in 1925.

"Dr. Amrit Vaidya took a stool sample for Ramnares Bansal at the time of the first conference of the formation of RSS when he had a problem in his gastrointestinal system. Sample report was available with the RSS in its official records," said a Ram Kumar Pandey, associate in Pachjanya Magazine. He said "We matched this sample report with Dr. Amrit Vaidya's another sample report of Diggyji's stool when he was 2 year old baby and found out 99.999995% similarities which is sufficient to prove our point."

Records suggest that Dr. Vaidya is not any more; however, his son Dr. Prashant Vaidya confirmed that his father prepared both the reports. He said that first report was dated back to 1925 when the RSS formed while the second was in 1949, when Diggy Chacha was 2 year old baby.

He said that his father used to write diary which said that in the month of December 1949, a Diggy's relative came to his hospital telling about the digestion related issues as the kid had problem in his stomach.
"My father took the stool sample of the kid and came to the conclusion that the kid had different genes which are available only in genious species. But he also recalled the same genes he found in 1925 when he took the same stool sample test of Ramnares Bansal," said Prashant Vaidya.

Both the releases by Pachjanya Magazine gave a dramatic turn to the alleged RSS links of Diggy Chacha and Diggy Chacha felt the foot in his mouth like situation.

Diggy Chacha answered the allegations that "Yes it might have been tested with Dr. Amrit Vaidya but that time my relative took the permission from the Congress Leadership".

However, controversy didn't end here and RSS leadership told Diggy Chacha to listen to his consciousness 
which tells him to touch base with RSS again.

RSS' Ram Madhav said that Diggy has a lot to answer now. But first he should answer his 'antaratma', which is asking him to go back to RSS.

Congress leadership, however, kept mum on the development. An inside source in the congress party said "We first allow opposition to take on the Diggyji and then we shall say that he is our prestigious leader."

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