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Thursday, 5 January 2012

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Rajendra Kumar's family issued a legal notice to John Abraham for copyright infringement

Kumar Gaurav says he has the only right to use Rajendra Kumar's single-expression
Rajendra Kumar's family, which includes his son great Actor Kumar Gaurav issued a legal notice to John Abraham asking why he has copied Rajendra Kumar's style of acting. The single-expression John Abraham was quite amazed to see the notice early in the morning.

In a press conference, Kumar Gaurav said "While watching John Abraham's 2-3 movies, my mother asked me why she was feeling that this guy was acting just like my Papa." Son of the Jubilee Star said "While watching closely, I felt John copied my Papa's expression ditto which raised blood circulation in my body. I only have a right to use Papa's all the facial expression while John doesn't have."

Rajendra Kumar's co-star and another Jubilee Star Manoj Kumar said "These days it has become a fashion to copy our expressions in today's films. While Shahrukh copied my every expression in 'Om Shaanti Om' because of that nerdy Farah Khan, I am not really surprised that Kumar Gaurav felt sad for copying his father's expressions by John." He added "We invented the single-expression acting in the industry, still we could not get recognised and these useless fellows straight away copy us."

When Digvijay Singh Fan Club (DCFC) reporter asked Manoj Kumar why did they use only one expression on their face while acting, Manoj Kumar recalled his old days and said "It was different era that time, we always felt that there is no need for overexerscion as Raj, Dilip and Dev Saab do still we can make big hits and we proved our point. We also felt that the coming young generation should not suffer from the requirement of acting and still they can manage to make their mark by giving only one expression through out the movie or by over-acting like us."

DCFC reporter contacted John, he said "It was shocking to see Kumar's legal notice. How can he copyright facial expression? And there is no need to ask me whether I can use his Papa's expression or not. I was very comfortable using that expression and it is easy to. You can show your anger, sadness and calmness, in a single expression. I used same expression in Dostana, Force and Desi Boyz and still they are hit. Why should I sacrifice my strength?"
DCFC reporter tried to contact ex-Bollywood star Anil Kapoor who was underground after the release of Mission Impossible. After a lot of efforts we could get his appointment. He said "These days I don't talk about the Bollywood movies and actors. But one thing is clear about John, in my 3 minutes of lengthy role in Mission Impossible role I gave 30 times more facial expressions than John usually gives in 3 hour movie."

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