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Monday, 30 January 2012

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Dhanush dropped idea to become hero in Bollywood, after brutal humiliation by movie director

Filed case against a director for humiliation

Rajinikanth's son-in-law and popular 'Kolavari di' singer Dhanush will not work in Annand Rai's next Bollywood film that's to be produced by Eros. Dhanush filed a case against the director with serious charges of acute physical humiliation and sufferings at the time of screen test.

"We admitted Dhanush in the nearby Lilavati Hospital in a very serious and damaging condition. We have filed an FIR against director and crew members which include the Producer and the Music Director of the film," said Satish Jagdale, Sub-Inspector of Mumbai Police.

Jagdale said "When we took him from the sets in the ambulance van, he was consistently singing 'Kolhapuri Di' which directed us to investigate whether he was brutally beaten by Kolhapuri Chappal. Investigation is still in the initial stages."

Jagdale further added "Now Dhanush's physical situation is improving and we took his statement as well. However, as his English pronunciation was different from typical American or UK English, we are taking help of a Tamil English teacher."

Whether he was the fan of Dhanush, Jagdale said "I am a beat disappointed with Dhanush, when in the Ambulance van we requested him to sing his Kolavari for at least once he just fell unconscious."

Lilavati Hospital's Doctor Ajit Burman said "Dhanush was so shocked with that incidence, whenever he heard the name Rai or Anand, he just used to throw whatever he had in front of him."

Sankar Pandey, ward boy in Lilawati Hospital said that, one of his associates whose name was 'Rai'bahaddur Singh had to go through the fury of Dhanush.

Doctor Burman said "Dhanush has got a serious allergy of the Kolavari Di and we told him to avoid singing that song for next 6 months."

According to a source, Dhanush was selected for a bollywood flick of 'Tanu Weds Manu' fame Annand Rai. While search was going on for a bollywood actress, Dhanush was asked to come on the sets of the movie to learn acting and some Hindi dialogues. However, on the sets Director Annand Rai, who was also a big fan of the singer alongwith his crew members that include Producer and Music Director persistently asked him to sing 'Kolavari Di'.

"Almost for 10 days, Dhanush was fulfilling our request by singing Kolavari di. But yesterday, lusty and ruthless fan of the singer, Annand Rai kept repeating 'Once More' for 6-7 hours, which created a severe allergy in Dhanush' throat and he could not bear the pain and became unconscious. Before his unconsciousness we heard him singing Kollapuri Kollapuri Di," said one of the crew members, who didn't want to identify.

Expert bollywood commentator and over-intellectual, Mahesh Bhatt said "Dhanush is a different animal. Before losing his consciousness, he indicated about a new song in making. I would love to add Kolhapuri Di in my, sorry Vikram Bhatt's new flick. I would like to see Sunny Leone in a Maharashtrian saree, as like Katrina Kaif, dancing on this tune."

Ad-Guru turned writer, Prasoon Joshi said "These days there are rising incidences of actor's humiliation over director by interfering in his work. But, this is something different, on which I can build a story for my next movie."

While Director Annand Rai refused to talk, his personal assistant said that it was a sad moment that Dhanush is in hospital. Rai's PA said "Rai was a great fan of Kolavari Di and there is no conspiracy against Rajini Bhaai. It was just an accident and we really regret about Dhanush's hospitalisation."

"Rajjineee Bhaaeee not know dhis," said Dhanush's bodyguard Appa Mudugula. He added "Butt we shalll tell himm and he willa decided whaattu to do."

"Unnaa Raskalla, my throatta is not inna proper conditiona. Doctora told me not to singa Kollavari di for next 6 monthsa," said humilated and disturbed Dhanush.

When asked him whether he will still going to work with Rai, he said "Appa, Amma, I am nott going to workk with Roy, that Raskalla. I am nott going to work in Bollywoodda."

Diggy Chacha Fan Club (DCFC) reporter could not reach to Rajinikanth for his comments, as he was on planet Jupiter for celebration of his friend's birthday. His personal assistant said that there is no advance mobile technology available that can grab signals from Jupiter.

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