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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

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Alergy for 'S' among Indians, after Shahrukh's slap on Shirish Kunder's face

Fireworks of Rs150Cr on Shirish Kunder's face

This was a tripple 'S' saga; while some people are laughing by looking at slap-a-holic Indians others are trying to understand the resemblance among the three shocking events in a new young India.

A Diggy Chacha Fan Club (DCFC) survey of 1251 young couples suggest that 95% of Indians don't want to give their new-born baby a name starting with 'S'.

"First Sukhram, second Sharad Pawar and now Shirish Kunder all have names starting with alphabet 'S' and therefore we terminated our earlier plan to call Sachin to our expected baby," said Hema Pandey, a housewife who voted for the survey.

Astonishing results of the survey came after 100% slaps in public life were observed with people starting names by 'S'.

When we asked Sharad Pawar's reaction to the entire event, he said "After reading in the news papers, I recalled a great assault against me. However, when I came to know this survey of DCFC, I felt it was a mistake of my parents by giving me a name starting with 'S'.

Famous Astrologer Shankar Sinha said "Alphabets matter a lot, S is itself a first word in Slap and therefore it is not a very strange thing that slap gets on the faces whose names start with S."

However, the slap gate survey confirms that both Shahrukh and Shirish Kunder were not promoting their upcoming Ra-one 2 and Joker and it was just a luck that 'S' only faces slap. Though, currently there are exceptions such as Shahrukh himself, Sanjay Dutt, Salman Khan and Sunny Deol, fear of 'S' still remains.
Few inside sources close to Farah Khan told DCFC reporter that Shahrukh wanted to show Shirish Kunder firework of Rs150Cr. Sources said that they saw Shahrukh saying "Yeh dedhsau karod kaa haath hai... uthtaa hai to gaal neeche baithataa hai."

Few others said that Shahrukh put a fizzling bottle of Pepsi in Shirish Kunder's mouth and slapped hard to show how Rs150Cr firework fizzles out.

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