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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

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Diggy Chacha thanked Mumbaikars for not supporting RSS in anti-graft movement

"Mumbai is the only city which does not represent, terror organisations Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS)," proud Diggy Chacha said in a press conference. He added "Today, I really feel my chest has grown up by 10 more inches."

He thanked to spirit of the Mumbaikars which didn't support the anti-graft campaign conducted by RSS' agent Anna Hazare. "I always believed in the spirit of Mumbaikars which hates terrorists and Anna Hazare was an agent of RSS and anti-nationalist, as he was against Congress Party and Rahul Baba. This also proves that Mumbaikars support my statement that the entire bomb blasts since 1993 were conducted by RSS."

Most intelligent "human being" in the universe added that the Mumbaikars love working day and night in their offices to accumulate their savings to fight inflation and therefore some petty issues like corruption are not for them.  "I believe inflation is more important and Mumbaikars know that Congress led UPA government is effectively handling the inflation. Plus even in this slowdown they don't need to worry about their job losses, as Congress Party is formulating MGREGA like Rahul Gandhi National Urban Employment Guarantee Act (RGNUEGA). Our Lokpal will take care of corruption related routine activities in this programme."

Diggy Chacha's assistant said "He knows very well that Mumbaikars experienced immense amount of terrorism and corruption, funded by RSS and therefore they didn't support the anti-graft campaign, which lacks direction. Why would they support, if nobody in Congress Party is corrupt?"

When we tried to confirm with Radha Raghumani, an investment banker in the reputed MNC Bank, she said "We don't get leave for voting at the time of elections, so for this kind of campaign how can we devote some time?"
Manish Tondle, an executive with a reputed job search firm said "Actually, Anna should have defered his plans for agitation till recession ends. It is really difficult to take a leave and make sure that your employer doesn't kick on your ass."

Diggy Chacha also thanked to Mumbai's Auto Rickshaw wallahs for their loyal support to the government. "Auto drivers in Mumbai are more aware of their rights than anybody else in India. They know how much they would get by just picking a person at Bandra station or Kurla Station to take the passenger to MMRDA ground. Internally, we appealed them to not to take passengers to MMRDA ground as earnings will be small, they accepted our demands. Also they were aware that wasting precious time of Mumbaikars in the ground would add to their sins."
However, Annaji doesn't believe that it is failure to his campaign against corruption. He said "This is the power of the youth. I know today he is not present here but now he is coming out of his sleep mode. He knows to whom he should elect or not. This is a start and the campaign will finish with the end of the corruption from India. I believe more and more people will come out of their houses and vote to most ideal candidate now."

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