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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

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Copy of the code of conduct for social networking sites leaked

The government on Tuesday appeared set to dictate a code of conduct for the social media networks and other websites despite an assurance from the likes of Facebook that they would remove content that violates their terms.

Indicating a hardening its stance, sources in the IT ministry insisted that the terms should be in line with Indian community standards (what are those?) so that they do not offend local sensitivities (Local? Is it comprehensive or restricted to Congress Party). While communications & IT minister Kapil Sibal reiterated that the government was against censorship, he said that the US laws and community standards could not be applied in India (ha ha ha).
"We have to take care of the sensibilities of our people (what is that again?)¦ Cultural ethos is very important to us," Sibal told a hurriedly called press conference at his residence on Tuesday. With the legal process expected to take a while, the code of conduct may contain provisions that stipulate heavy penalty for websites that put out "offensive" material, sources added.

However, Diggy Chacha Fan Club received a copy of the code of conduct received from a senior leader of Congress Party, who requested to not to use his name.

Main points in the leaked copy of the code of conduct for social networking sites

1.     Delete all the references of Zero Loss theory, first and foremost step.

2.     Rahul Baba is Rahul Baba and not Amul Baby. Remove any reference of Rahul Baba to Amul or any butter making process.

3.     Diggy Chacha is a most sensible guy in the government and has stopped, so any offensive or abusive content regarding him or any of his activity, which include morning private work to late night sleep should be deleted. However, before deleting first send the information, comments and criticisms to Chiddu and me so that we can roll on floor, laughing.

4.     Soniya Madam is most intelligent and is like Godess for us so no abusive contents about her would be tolerated. The same principal is for Rahul Baba, Priyanka Baby and Robertji.

5.     DLF is Donkey Liberation Front for which Robertji works and not for DLF real estate company. This DLF (Donkey Liberation Front) is an active trust which takes care of the life of roadside donkeys which are most ignored animals. Therefore, Robertji's so called relations with DLF should be taken respectfully and in a serious promotion campaign that Robertji is related to this organisation should be done by all social networking sites.

6.     Abusive and offensive contents related to some small leaders like Manish Tewari, Janardan Dwivedi and Rashid Alvi and small parties like BJP, BSP, SP can be ignored.

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