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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

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Netizen Federation of India bans Indian politicians to surf Facebook, Twitter and social networking sites

Netizen Federation of India (NFI), a newly formed organisation to take care of the rights of India's cyber crazy people came out with a circular that bans Indian politicians to view, react or rediculed the contents on the social networking sites, which include Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. and personal blogs. NFI also issued circular to all these platforms to write a warning on their websites saying the site is prohibited for Indian politicians and weak hearted patients.

The response came after Kapil Sibal (Sibal Uncle) issued Indian Communications and IT minister Kapil Sibal (Sibal Uncle), famous for his weird theory of Zero loss to Telecom companies announced a proposal to have technology companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and Twitter pre-screen user generated content so that community sentiments, limited to Congress Party, Soniya Aunty, Rahul Baba and Diggy Chacha are not hurt.
S Ramalingam, NFI President said "We got a lot of complaints from different Indian netizens, bloggers, and enthusiastic people who post their comments without keeping their emotions in control that many politicians and weak hearted people are keeping tab on their contents and circulate notices of warnings. It disrupts their day to day activities. They also asked government that for farmers have NREGA Scheme but for hardworking netizens have nothing to earn bread n butter. So keeping in mind of their interest NFI issued a circular to government. We also thought giving a warning on each platform and blog would be good as government gives warning on cigarette packets."

Ramalingam said "Besides politicians, India's great scholars like Arindamji, Uday Chopraji, Abhishekji also got heartbreaks for many times. Therefore, we thought to include people who have weak hearts."
Diggy Chacha was first to react to the story and circular. "What the heck! This is totally against India's democratic interest. How can a newly formed association can control what we shall surf or what we shouldn't. How can somebody form an association overnight after the announcement of Kapil? This must be RSS's conspiracy against Rahul Baba which we condemn from the peak of Himalayas."

"We are reviewing all the legal documents to answer this circulary legally," said Sibal Uncle. He added "We know the rights of netizens. However, it will a good idea to stop netizens to post their comments rather than asking Diggy not to see Facebook and Twitter."

Giving reference of p$$$@graphic contents, Sibal Uncle said "It is better to stop those contents rather than stop eyes that watch those movies. We are planning for CDS i.e., content deducted at source, just like TDS, tax deducted at source."

Chiddu Uncle, however, took a different stand. He said heavy heartedly "I condemn Sibal's move as after a long time I was getting popular on the networking sites and he is trying for censorship. I have strong heart to read my popularity on the net."

Salman Khurshid (Salman Bhaai) said "We have to check many issues before accepting NFI's circular. Is it related to Anna Hazare or BJP or Mayawati or RSS that we have to check?"
Ramalingam said that he was waiting for the replies of the government.

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