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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

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Twitter banned Diggy Chacha's page under cyber censorship

Indian Communications and IT minister Kapil Sibal (Sibal Uncle), famous for his weird theory of Zero loss to Telecom companies announced a proposal to have technology companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and Twitter pre-screen user generated content so that community sentiments, limited to Congress Party, Soniya Aunty, Rahul Baba and Diggy Chacha are not hurt. Social media platforms are being asked to censor whatever politicians deem objectionable and too offensive for the Internet. Sibal called a news conference when the story broke, and following it, Facebook responded to say that it can't help in the effort.

However, Twitter responded positively and in a revering exercise it removed Diggy Chacha's page from its site to stop spreading objectionable content.

"We are aware that spreading objectionable, communal and anti-social contents can disturb sentiments of the country and therefore with heavy heart we took this step," said Twitter CEO Dick Costolo. "Diggy was our most followed user by many weird netizens," he added with few drop of tears in his eyes.

Twitter's move, however, created a serious uproar in the weird netizens. "This is anti-social. Diggy was the only person who was allowed to talk and communicate the messages in India. He was like a God who only has right to tell," said a strong supporter of Diggy Chacha in the Congress Party.

"Our beloved Diggy Chacha is no more on Twitter makes me feel really bad. So many times I rolled on the floor, laughing after reading his tweets. Now, I would not have any thing left and how would I ensure for a laughing gas," said Rajendra Kaul, an ardent follower of Diggy Chacha's page on Twitter.

Diggy Chacha's many supporters in Raghorgarh Constituency in Madhya Pradesh started protest march. "We shall ask Diggy Chacha to sit on fast-unto-death as like Annaji till his Twitter page gets restored," said a farmer, Mangal Singh.

"He is most honest and loyal person to Rahul Baba and Soniyaji and Congress Party, which is the most secular in India," said Mangal Singh. Mangal Singh also said that Diggy Chacha last year promised him that in the next Madhya Pradesh elections, he will arrange Rahul Baba's tour to Mangal's house. "I would arrange Pizza and Burger for Baba," said happy Mangal Singh.

The peaceful protest became furious and fired Dick's photos and Twitter logos. However, after Diggy Chacha's intervention the protest cooled down. Diggy Chacha said all supporters to calm down and they didn't belong to the culture of Gundaraj as like RSS spreads. "This was RSS' conspiracy to remove his Twitter page, he told us," said a sweeper Meenabai.

Though, Diggy Chacha himself showed calmness in front of crowd was very angry in private. DCFC reporter received a transcript of the call between Diggy Chacha and Dick Costolo. 

"This is totally anti democratic. What did I say so that you removed my content, Dick you, $#@@$$%%% idiot... How could you remove my content without asking me, you b%#@%@#d," furious Diggy Chacha asked.
"Oh, Diggy, oh I really appolgize. But it was Kapil Sibbal's office that asked me to remove your page.," said Dick.
"Ok, I connect to Kapil also and will ask him," said Diggy Chacha. "Kapil you $$!@$%@, Party president had asked you to keep your mouth shut after your weird Zero Loss Theory and Anna Hazare saga, still you are opening your mouth. See its only me who can make such weird and hopeless comments," Diggy Chacha said.
Sibal Uncle smiling mischeivously said "Diggy, it was April fool in advance. I and Chiddu knew that you are so intelligent that you can identify this trick if we would have demonstrated it on 1st of April and therefore April Fool to you in advance. Ha ha ha..." Sibal Uncle sung a song also "See, April Fool banaya (in December) to unko gussa aaya, mera kya kasoor yeh to Chiddu ka kasoor, jisne ye idea nikala. Dick start Diggy's page again and Diggy go ahead with your" 

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