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Friday, 9 September 2011

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“Diggy my new bade bhaiyya,” Chacha Amar explodes with emotions writes in his diary

Background of the story
DCFC was able to glance through Chacha Amar's diary today. Amar Singh (Chacha Amar) is famous as Bollywood Star Amitabh's Chote Bhaai and who helped Amitabh recognizing his true potential as a farmer and his wife as a Member of Parliament. Recently, there had a clash between Chote Bhaai and Bade Bhaiyyaa (but himself he termed as Big-B otherwise it looks like doodhwale bhaiyyaa) on some paltry issues like whether Jaya aunty (Big-B's wife) would able to continue as a MP and also Chote
Bhaiyyaa received a retirement coconut from Samajwadi Party (SP) Supremo Mulayam (means soft) Singh without any provident fund or pension. After got sacking from SP, Chacha was accused for many scams, one was famous cash-n-vote (means voters from Parliament gets some paltry sum to vote in favor), Big-B conveniently parted his ways with Chote Bhaai as he had a serious experience at the time of Bofors wherein his earlier Chote Bhaai's name was involved. Now Chacha does not have any bade bhaiyya which makes him cry in person.

"Many times Chacha wrote in his diary that he requires a bade bhaiyya," Chacha's wife Pankaja aunty said. "Hamkaa acchaa naahi laagat unkaa akele akele me rote dekhnaa. Unki kidney bhi unke saath naahi rahi," she cleaned tears from her eyes with her colorful hanky while saying this.

Excerpts from Chacha Amar's diary in Tihar Jail

Yesterday, I thought it would be a miserable day for me as I have to spend my retirement holiday in Jail. But thanks for 2G and CWG scams, I got few very intelligent people to have interaction with. My morning started with one cup of tea and two slices of bread-n-butter (yea its Nutralite butter as it is very cheap). I asked them that consider the size of my full blown tummy and please add 2 sizes of bread.
The jailer said sarcastically "Oh actually Tihar Jail is famous for weight loss programme. We shall make sure that by the time you leave Jail you will be at least 10kg lower than you are now. So you should thank us that how much we care for your health." I kept quite but really got irritated feeling how miserable I am. I also got angry over the people for whom I took so much of efforts. They have leading lawyers in their force still can't make sure my bail. Hmmmm... disastrous.

While having my breakfast, I got a news paper where I read Delhi Bomb blast. I felt really bad and sorrowful as my name on the headlines got invisible due to this news. Oh gosh… so much efforts I took to come on front page and top of the headline. I got an intuition that I would not be now on google's top searches.
After breakfast with those two paltry breads, I saw my beloved friend in UPA in front of me, Suresh Kalmadi. He asked me that how am I and how was my night. He told progress of his book "How to become millionaire without investing a rupee." Then after he introduced me to his colleagues in jail cabinet Mr. A Raja (weired looking but fit as Tamil's hero) and Madam Kanimozhi (DM Karunanidhi's daughter, Karunanidhi always wear goggles, recalling which I felt tingling inside me).

We had a great brain-storming, though I used a humor saying Kalmadi has no brain, he is really sharp. Now I felt happy enough that I have a very good company. We discussed India's progress, political and corruption issues. Kalmadi discussed about his beloved brother Diggy and Kanimozhi said how is she missing papa and mummy. Raja was saying how government particularly Chiddu and Manuji fooled him and how he lost his much-loved friend Kapil Sibal.

It was a long session made me feel somewhat tired. After that I remembered my lawyer who told me to tell jailor that I had pain in my bottom belly because of Kidney problem. I didn't miss a second and told jailor about the problem. He assured me like a typical politician that he would take care.

After that I was watching TV and only one news bomb blasts. I was just waiting when I would come. But India's media is not really good; it showed me for some 5-10 minutes in 1 hour duration. After sometime I felt I am very tired and slept easily. I saw few dreams. Inside those dreams, I saw Bade Bhaiyya was leaving me… and new bade bhaiyya was coming… initially blur picture became more and more visible…and I was shocked… it was Diggy…. And a voice surrounded everywhere "My Chote bhaai is innocent… My Amar is innocent."

Next day, I thought of another miserable morning, still thought of switching on the TV so that at least I could get 
something to hear about me. And to my surprise, I saw Diggy's spiritual but Gandhian face and I could not believe his words he said "I have full sympathy for Chote Amar bhai and I believe that he will be proved innocent." Thanks god, now you gave me another bade bhaiyya.. Thank you.

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