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Monday, 10 September 2012

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Kapil Sibal to visit Afghanistan to understand the rules and regulation to make Indians more tactful

(Article is republishing on the event of Cartoonist Aseem Trivedi's arrest)
To understand whether such law can apply on Indians
Impressed by recent development in Afghanistan where Taliban militants beheaded 17 partygoers for holding a mixed-sex gathering with music and dancing, India's Telecom and Education Minister Kapil Sibal planned a tour to Afghanistan. The intention behind the visit is to understand the rules and regulations, moral laws and the tactfulness of Afghanistan's policy makers as well as opposition party.
"Guy, these few IT jerks are so idiot and stupid they don't have sense what they are talking about and whom they are using to make their stupid jokes," said Kapil Sibal to India Satire Correspondent confirming the news.
He said "Earlier every day reading jokes on my premium Zero Loss Theory and bullshit*ing every time, I really felt that I should not battle next time elections. But Afghanistan's development really inspired me to understand the countries with good laws and stricter implementation. These rules will only make Afghanistan's population disciplined and tactful. I want to learn these rules and their implementation."
Sources said that Sibal is finding some way that he can fulfil his wish to behead all those guys who portray Sibal as an idi*t a*shole.
"Yea that is true. I want to put all those guys in one line and decapitate at one go. Afghanistan would be a good learning experience," said Kapil Sibal.
He also have a detailed discussion with Law Minister of India, Salman Khurshid over the detailed investigation whether the government can replace the existing soft jail kind of punishment to beheading.
A source close to Sibal said "He also invited Khurshid for his Afghan visit and both will find the pros and cons of such law. While cons are not many, utility of such law is more so the it is expected to be implemented."
(This is totally a fake news and satire. Don't want to attract Kapil Sibal's attention)

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