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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

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“I am innocent,” said Chiddu Uncle

Confirming the statement of Zero Loss Theory inventor, India's pride and hero of our SibalNama, Mr. Kapil Sibal (Sibal Uncle), India's Home Minister Mr. P. Chidambaram (Chiddu Uncle) said "I am innocent, I did nothing wrong." "I am clear like Kaveri river," he said with an emotional touch.

Chiddu Uncle said that the only issue that he and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh (Manji) examined was if new telecom licensees, Swan and Unitech, were selling stake in their respective firms, or diluting shares through issue of fresh equity. "It was just like a usual clerical job, which we always like to do," he added.

He said the Telecom Ministry consistently wanted the entry fee to remain at 2001 levels, but the Finance Ministry always favored the auction route. For a change I decided to oppose the telecom ministry's decision otherwise it was not my cup-of-tea, Madamji only gave me the job to seat and sign the check for various ministries. However, my opposition unfortunately could not come to the public as you know the government's press agencies are so slow.

Chiddu Uncle was replying to the great Raja's allegations that Chidambaram, in his capacity as finance minister in UPA-I, had told the prime minister that dilution of shares by 2G licensees to attract FDI did not amount to their sale.

"They (Swan Telecom and Unitech) were inducting foreign partners or new partners. They had got spectrum and they had (telecom) licenses. They were now inducting new partners. It was so simple like this but I don't understand why he is bringing all these issues,'' Chidambaram said.

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