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Friday, 2 September 2011

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Congress Working Committee issues circular; talking Arvind Kejriwal is risky

Congress Working Committee is in a dilemma as how to handle social activist Arvind Kejriwal who does not keep any of the government's secret in his stomach. "Government feels Arvind Kejriwal syndrome is riskier than any other scam, even 2G scam as well," said a senior Congress Leader requesting anonymity who also told us that he got the copy of the circular.

"Anything off the record or behind the closed doors or even a small notice issued by Income Tax Office (ITO) for paltry sum of Rs9Lakh (no not Rs9Lakh Crore in Manish Tewari's language), Arvind Kejriwal goes to press and TV media and discloses everything without keeping a word. CWC resolved on unanimously that such a transparent person is an insult to a great democratic nation where everything is secret. Therefore, it issued a code of conduct for MPs and MLAs and government offices as how to handle Arvind Kejriwal," senior Congress Leader added.
Congress Leader said "Even this guy disclosed critical issues discussed behind the doors such as Sibal and Chiddu were not in favor of Lokpal Bill. He also said that the government was not willing to take PM under ambit of Lokpal. How many issues? This guy does not keep secret in front of people. Now consider this simple matter, ITO issued a notice that he was a government servant and has to pay a fine of Rs9Lakh as he left without any notice. This was simple ITO matter wherein there was no role of government. ITO is very independent agency as like CBI and Police Force. So where is the role of the government?"

     DCFC able to glance through the code of conduct wherein following points maintained

1.     Don't talk rubbish/stupid/insulting words to any civil society members which include Anna Hazareji.
2.     Don't even try to talk to Arvind Kejriwal/Kiran Bedi/Prashant Bhushan forget Annaji if it is not required. Only authoritative people such as Salman Khurshid, Pranab Mukherjee and Manmohan ji can talk. For Kapil Sibal and Chidambaram, they should stay away at least 50kms away from these bombs.
3.     Stop bullshitting! How many times we have to tell all of you which include talkative Congress MPs and government officers that don't find out ridiculous scale of frauds, which is very insulting for the international party like us. Check the list (first of all stop finding out dead cases which are not even deserve to exist).
a.      Fraud of Anna Hazare paltry Rs2Lakh (and not Rs2Lakh Crore as like A Rajaji)
b.     Fraud of Arvind Kejriwal Rs9Lakh (Kejriwal clarified and proved that behind ITO's probe there is government's conspiracy).
c.      Bhushan's fraud (Please shut the mouth till you all find out something deserving).

According to sources, Diggy Chacha took over the investigation process to find out the scams and frauds of all civil society members through his Diggy Chacha Private Intelligence Bureau (DCPIB).

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