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Monday, 5 September 2011

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Diggy Chacha back in business with sharper tounge

After a prolonged maun vrata (shut my mouth by myself), a course offered to initiate inner search and stay away from outer world for a while, the most intelligent creature of the universe (even Albert Einstein recognised the fact and predicted world before his death about the birth of a most creative and intelligent person), Rahul Baba's guru (no... not gutur gu...), Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha) back in business with much sharper tounge and much bitter attack.

[Diggy Institute of Communications (DIC): Diggy Chacha has different voice modulations, sometimes he uses aggressive tounge and sometimes moderate. At DIC, you will learn basic fundas of these voice modulations. Scholars include Rahul Baba, Manish Tewari and many more. - Advertisement]

Chacha accused Team Anna member Arvind Kejriwal of flouting service rules while serving as an officer of Indian Revenue Service and collecting 'lakhs of rupees' through donations for his non-government organisation (NGO). DCFC had already covered the government's strategy towards Arvind Kejriwal in our article and projected that Diggy Chacha's Private Intelligence Bureau already started working on the strategy.

Please read article to get proper insights on Congress' strategy towards Arvind Kejriwal "Congress Working Committee issues circular; talking Arvind Kejriwal is risky".

Diggy Chacha was more energetic than ever while addressing a dalit conference organised by the Congress party in his favorite constituency Azamgarh. However, Chacha did not seem to talk about some petty issues and showed his irritation when asked about the notice served to Kejriwal by the Income Tax department. He said it had been issued to the former bureaucrat in 2005. He accused Kejriwal of not only flouting government service rules but also being involved in politics and collecting huge amount of money through his NGO while remaining in service. The government rules and regulations cannot be changed for a person only because he had participated in some agitation against corruption, Chacha said.

Sources said that Chacha as usual Chacha has proof for his statement which he will show at a right time (may be after 2-3 years) as advised by Diggy Chacha Advisory Council (DCAC).

Diggy Chacha, however, become humble and emotional towards Anna Hazare to whom he assumes God or Saint like figure. Reporters thought of understanding the depth of Chacha's emotions toward Annaji. They asked to draw a comparison between yoga guru Ramdev and Gandhian Anna Hazare, the Chacha with wet eyes said "Baba Ramdev is a thug and a cheat, whereas Hazare is a social worker." Chacha also hesitantly and blushingly revealed a major secret in front of all the reporters and said "That is the reason why the "Congress-led" UPA government reacted on his demands." When asked to an opposition party leader about his comments "No, Congress was affraid to see the support that Annaji got. This Diggy only commented that we shall do the same thing to Anna as Congress did to Baba Ramdev."

Sources revealed that Chacha was quite upset with whatever happened to Annaji and therefore broke his maun vrata before time.

Arvind Kejriwal said ""If Digvijay Singh feels I have swindled crores, why doesn't his government register FIR against me and take legal action rather than making irresponsible statements." A close associate to Diggy Chacha said "Kejriwal is doing the same mistakes others like RSS did by ignoring the most intelligent person in the universe. However, it happenes as he is also ignored by most of the Congress Party leaders, barring Rahul Baba."

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