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Thursday, 25 August 2011

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“Whhoaat Inflation? Ask Chiddu, I am negotiator now,” Pronobda

Just few days back, India's most important asset, expert in crisis management and only one person whom government relies a lot, Finance Minister who is famous for quotes "Aosk Chidomboram about Anna, I am an economist", Pranab Mukherjee (Pronobda) said "Whhoaat Inflation? Ask Chiddu, I am negotiator now."

When DCFC reporter asked Pronobda about ever increasing inflation as food inflation reached 9.8% for week ended August 13, he said "No no no babba, it wos not my fault. Inflation never increased becose of me, it wos because of Subba, oh soarry not becose of him it wos becose of Obama. Right nou wee have much serios problem (smiling) to tell Onna to stop fost and you ore asking me such an idiot question, ask it to Chiddu n… I am negotiator nou."

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