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Thursday, 25 August 2011

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What happened in CCPA meeting before the meeting with Team Anna?

Before the historic meet in Delhi yesterday wherein Pronobda denied any sympathy towards Anna Hazare, the Cabinet Committee on Political Affairs (CCPA) conducted a meeting to make a road-map to derive a plan for dealing with Team Anna.

Sources provided some information about exactly what happened in the meeting.
PM Manmohan Singh (Manji): Madamji, when are you coming back to India. I will give my chair to Rahul Baba and will settle to Frankfurt.

Sibal Uncle: No ways, Rahul Baba is right now under Diggy's training. Till the time the road becomes peaceful you should not leave the post.

Pronobda: Oakay, wee sholl coame back to the main topic. What sholl wee do to Onna Hozore?

Chiddu Uncle: What shall be done? Don't listen to him. After sometime he will shut his mouth.

Manji: But I am in favor of PM under the ambit of Lokpal

Pronobda: Whhoat? Noaa, you should noat decide n babah…you just listen to us n baba…Shorod ji what can we do?

Sharadji: What to do? I am fade up of that guy everytime wherever I go he just follow me as like Hutch (now-a-days Vodafone) network.

Pronobda: Ho ho ho… Ok babaa.. Krishnaji whoat is your view?

SM Krishna: What can I tell you? You decide I will accept.

Pronobda: Noa Krishnaji, you have to tell os what to do. Otherwoise, John Lockpoll Bill peeple will say that wee are not behaving democratically.

SM Krishna: Bot (forgetting his original accent) I am just an Oxternol Offairs minister. Woatever you decide.

Pronobda stared him with anger as Krishna was imitating him.

Krishna Appa: Sorry Pronobda!

When Pronobda stared at Dinesh Trivedi, Railway minister, Trivedi ji said no no… I haven't done anything and I haven't copied you.

When Pronobda said that he wants to know his views, he said "I am new to the field, yet to start actual work."
Finally looking at other people, Pronobda asked Sibal Uncle "Sibol, yo tell me whhot to do babaa?"
Sibal Uncle: See after 2G scam Chiddu and Manji are most vulnerable leaders with us today. Everyday Kanimozhi, Raja and Balwa make some statements. If effective Lokpal Bill comes then it will hardly save them. We can save PM by saying that PM can't be brought under Lokpal, I don't know what will happen to Chiddu.

Chiddu Uncle: No, No, No. Please Sibbal ji you have to do something and stop this emotional atyaachar on all of us.

Sibal Uncle: Don't worry Chiddu! I told you till I have my life I will save you as like till Anna has his life he will try to save Lokpal.

Pronobda: Chidu, Don't worry babaa.. I will tell them that John Lockpoll bill is a dream and wee will tell them that overything wos decided in oll porty meeting.

Chiddu Uncle: Thank you

Manji: Madamji, where are you? When will you come back?

List of CCPA members
Prime Minister, Shri Manmohan Singh.
Shri Pranab Mukherjee, Minister of Finance.
Shri Sharad Pawar,  Minister of Agriculture and Minister of Food Processing Industries.
Shri A.K. Antony, Minister of Defence.
Shri P. Chidambaram, Minister of Home Affairs.
Shri S.M. Krishna, Minister of External Affairs.
Dr. Farooq Abdullah, Minister of New and Renewable Energy.
Shri Kapil Sibal, Minister of Human Resource Development and Minister of Communications and Information Technology.
Shri M.K. Alagiri, Minister of Chemicals and Fertilizers.
Shri Dinesh Trivedi, Minister of Railways.

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