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Friday, 26 August 2011

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SibalNama Series Episode - 11: A. Raja hits back adds his friend’s name to summon list

Famous inventor of "Zero Loss Theory", a person with always irritated looks and looks like always ready to fight, hero of our 2G scam related Series Kapil Sibal (Sibal uncle) is involved by his old friend A. Raja (Raja) in the case. South Indian hero look-a-like Raja asked court to call government's three field marshals Manmohanji, Chidduji and Sibal uncle.

Inclusion of Sibal uncle's name suggests a beginning of the new rivalry between two best friends some time back. Sibal uncle just up to few months back was trying to build a serious consensus for Raja to get the bail. He got support from biggies like Diggy, Salmaan Bhaai Khurshid and even Manji who said that his jail hampers foreign investments in India. However, a slip of tongue of Raja who was totally ignorant about the outside world activities named Manji and Chidduji. Now it was time for uncle to choose out of Manji and Chidduji for which he sacrificed his friendship.

In last episode we show you how princess of Tamil Nadu, Kanimozhi (Kani aunty) told court that it was the conspiracy between Raja, Chidduji and Manji while she has no involvement, indicating that now Raja has nobody on his side even not DMK (i.e., Dr. M Karunanidhi, doctorate in politics).

Furious Raja through his honest lawyer Mr. Sushil Kumar told a Delhi court that he would get the PM (Manji), the then finance minister Chidambaram (Chiddu uncle) and present Telecom minister Kapil Sibal (Sibal uncle) summoned as witnesses to prove the government did not incur any loss in the 2G spectrum allocation.

Advocate Sushil Kumar, who appeared for Kanimozhi on Tuesday, had suggested that the court examined Raja as a witness to prove that there were no real losses as a result of the 2G spectrum allocation. On Wednesday, Kumar - now appearing for Raja - told the special CBI court of O P Saini: "Aaj main bata dena chahta hu ki main Prime Minister, tabke Finance Minister or vartman ke Telecom Minister ko bator gawah banaunga (Today, I want to state that I would get the PM, the then Finance minister, and the present Telecom minister summoned as witnesses)."

Sources said Sibal uncle after hearing Raja's statement told his personal secretary "Nonsense, that's why I tell you without any benefit don't give help. This guy is using my stupid theory in the court now. Both these, Raja and Chiddu made my life hell. It was better to be a lawyer in the court rather than joining politics. Now how much work would I do? One, that Telecom trash has to solve, then Anna's fast for which Pranabda require my advice and now this Raja."

Rest of the episode covered Raja's arguments that our media is a schizophrenic and it had created the case against him. "The application filed by Subramanian Swamy (Janta Party chief) was entirely based on reports of an English daily," Raja said. He said the petition moved by the Centre for public interest litigation was also based on media reports.

Sushil Kumar sought to put the CBI's accusation that Raja had caused loss to rest by asking why the other companies, who were involved, were not on trial. Kumar said Raja was paying the price of not keeping the big players in the sector happy.

He said the CBI had failed to establish a motive behind his client's actions: "...The CBI has nothing to show as to what motive or reward I had for granting UAS licence to Unitech...So far as Reliance Telecom Ltd and its three officials are concerned, no material has been brought on record," Raja said through his counsel Kumar.

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