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Thursday, 11 August 2011

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Tiwari Uncle bounced back strongly says “CAG oversteps jurisdiction.”

Congress' mouthpiece with no peace in the mouth, Uncle Manish Tiwari said "the official auditor should confine itself to an accounting task. It was not the CAG's business to look at how appointments are made."

Tiwari uncle launched an offensive against the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG), arguing that the auditor has overstepped its jurisdiction by getting into appointments and policy with regard to the Commonwealth Games.

However, DCFC reporter failed to understand that government has time-to-time said that CAG crosses its jurisdiction e.g., 2G scam, appointment of CVC P.J. Thomas and now CWG case wherein they appointed dementia fame Suresh Bhaai Kalmadi, Diggy Chacha's beloved innocent brother, then why didn't it try to issue a circular to CAG recognizing the scope of their duties. When DCFC reporter asked one Congress senior leader, he said "it matters when Congress is a ruling party, CAG should know its limitations. However, we also know our rights and limitations. Our rights are to talk and speak while our limitations are can't take any actions."

Interestingly, one of the new learners of the elite club of Congress i.e., "Turning Brains Club" and its associate group "Turning Ball Club", Tiwari uncle easily forwards the opposition party's ball towards CWG. Earlier the ball was forwarded towards BJP led NDA government as it had appointed Kalmadi by senior Congress leaders.

"Dementia Kalmadi ko huaa hai aap logo ko nahin…" one BJP leader said.

Now Tiwari uncle understood the serious implications and turned the ball towards CWG court. "Does CAG have the right to comment on appointments for the CWG," he asked, after CPM's Basudeb Acharya had demanded the Prime Minister own up his responsibility for irregularities in the CWG and also asked for the resignation of Delhi chief minister Sheila Dikshit.

Showing his full enjoyment of Monsoon Party time, Tiwari uncle not only questioned CAG's remit but also wondered how its reports had got leaked (Uncle you can ask that question to Chiddu uncle). "The reports are not with the President, Parliament or the Public Accounts Committee. But they are in the public domain," he said.

This time again DCFC reporter failed to understand that the question which he had to ask himself or Chiddu uncle why is he asking to opposition parties. Strange! One opposition party leader said "see we have to find out ways to complete the time in the Parliament. Now, Manish said something so it occupied half to one hour. Somebody else will say something and he will complete some time."

Summing up his speech in Lok Sabha, Tiwari uncle said that the most important reason why the Opposition led by BJP had raised the issue of the CWG scam was that it wanted to get even for having had to sacrifice its own chief minister in Karanataka (B S Yeddyurappa). It wanted a Congress chief minister to be placed on the sacrificial altar. Again, DCFC reporter failed to understandL.

The CAG report should not be considered as the "Gospel truth", he said, and pointed out that the same body (?) had given an adverse report about spending during the Kumbh Mela by the BJP's Uttarakhand government.

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