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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

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“In search of a limelight” Arundhati Roy’s new book in process

"I am most beautiful and most intelligent girl on the earth, so why the hell everybody is watching Anna Hazare? This is anti-social, anti-humane and anti-secular ideology to show an old man 24 hours on TV. I will complain against all the news channels to Ambika aunty," India's most intellectual lady (sorry girl, Lady Arundhati) said.

"How can people watch an old man with notorious ideas for 24 hours while some people who are so intelligent and creative wisdom are ignored totally? I know this is biggest scam in making as Anna must have paid lakhs of crores of money to gather such an unbelievable crowd," Lady Arundhati added.

A lady close to Arundhati said "Arundhati auntyji was very furious about all these things. She kept saying in the home that nobody listens to me nobody these days cover my stories."

One social activist said that Arundhati's brain is as precious as Suresh Kalmadi's and deserve to be researched. "We plan to apply to government to start research work on it."

Lady said "Arundhati aunty have started writing a book for that deprived breed of intellectuals which were ignored by society and always thirsted for limelight. She thinks somebody has to cover these innocent and beautiful people." She added that aunty also fixed up the name as "In search of Limelight…"

When DCFC reporter asked Arundhati about the new book she confirmed it. She said "People who always compel for a small amount of popularity and do a lot of social activities and charity if deprive of some limelight who will explain their heart break." "Anna Hazare like people come on the floor and destroy all the dreams of their lives. I thought of showing a sad story of one beautiful and most intelligent lady whose dreams shattered when an old man wastes all the efforts of her life and becomes nation's most popular person," Arundhati said with tearful eyes.
When reporter enquired her whether she would like to take this issue to government and protest for this deprived section of intelligent people. She said "Yea, I would love to do that but I don't have experience of fast-unto-death process. I will protest through an editorial column."

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