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Saturday, 16 July 2011

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Rahul Baba’s second shock therapy; Naveen Patnaik government is corrupt

Theory of 99% inventor and eligible PM with blessed with Madamji (Mummy) and Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha), Rahul Gandhi (Rahul Baba) continued to move on the path shown by his Guru Diggy Chacha. Bhubaneswar Press conference saw a real Rahul Baba who is trying to become mature enough to match the shoulders of his Guru. Everybody appreciated the fact that as like Chacha he is also able to speak on many issues make him a main contender to become India’s PM.

As like Diggy Chacha, Rahul Baba has also become strong in shock-treatment therapy. He gave 2 shocks on Thursday, one was introduction of 99% terror attack has already been stopped and the second was when he said the problem with the Naveen Patnaik government in Orissa is lack of implementation of schemes, not corruption.

“Here the problem is in the implementation. In Orissa there is corruption but not like in Uttar Pradesh which has specialised in it,” Baba told mediapersons here.

As suddenly strike something, Baba came down heavily on the Mayawati Government in Uttar Pradesh, Rahul said corruption there has become a way of government which he is fighting. One Congressman appreciated in front of DCFC that Rahul Baba is just like Arjuna who does not forget the real target and even in Orissa he had something to say for Mayawati. It was just like proving things based on examples. He understood Orissa’s problem, which even CM Naveen Patnaik didn’t understand. The problem in Orissa is more with implementation of schemes; Rahul Baba said and pointed out that women are not aware of the MGNREGS in tribal areas of the State.

Rahul Baba came up aggressively and, tried to make it up at a public meeting he addressed later in the day here, by describing the Naveen Government corrupt.

Even as the CBI is probing irregularities in the implementation of MGNREGS in six districts of the State, the AICC general secretary said, there were irregularities in supply of dal for the mid-day meal scheme and the government is mired in multi-crore mining and coal scams.

Stating the fundamental disagreement with Naveen government as Congress always adopted priority to Poor people Naveen government is for the rich, Baba asked the Youth Congress and NSUI activists to go to the villages and fight for people’s issues to unseat the government. One youth Congress leader told DCFC that it was a real inspirational speech from Rahul Baba. We shall start working from today onwards.

Rahul Baba thrashed media and opened the eyes of people by saying Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had acted very decisively against corruption. His voice was so confident that nobody dared to ask him why he took so long for 2G scam and how was it that the entire scam happened and he was not aware.

Stressing out that because of the strong act of Congress government, several chief ministers have been dismissed and many leaders are in jail on corruption charges, he said.

In Orissa also many leaders have been removed from their posts on corruption charges but there is no follow- up inquiry here, he said adding the Karnataka Government (BJP led) is one of the most corrupt in the country (and please name other states as well).

Rahul Baba also gave his own opinion (Congress leader told us that it was his own statement judging all sides including Anna Hazare’s side) over bringing the Prime Minister under the purview of the Lokpal. “I think after he quits office, the Prime Minister should come under the purview of the Lokpal.”

Further he said, since the Prime Minister is to lead the nation and run the government, he should be out of Lokpal purview while in office. While describing the Lokpal Bill and discussions on it as a good development, Rahul said the proposed measure was fundamental, but prevention is better than cure.

Stating that corruption has become a menace as political parties are not state funded, he said it is necessary to rope in the poor and the youths to politics.

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