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Saturday, 16 July 2011

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Diggy Chacha on communalism and fundamentalism which is linked to terrorism are equal threats

Diggy Chacha’s speech on Thursday in Chattisgarh was an eye opener for many Indians. Continuing his journey for talking on several things, our most intelligent leader, India’s real pride and Guru of Rahul Gandhi (Rahul Baba), Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha) said communalism and fundamentalism, which is linked to terrorism, are equal threats to internal security.

"I think, if not more dangerous, it (communalism) is as dangerous as left wing extremism," said Chacha, while participating in a discussion on Naxalism at India Habitat Centre, here today. One senior Congress leader said that he always amazed with the fact that how does Diggy Chacha really control the events and talk on different subjects.

The discussion was held as part of the formal book release of Rahul Pandita's "Hello Bastar: The untold story of India's Maoist Movement".

Chacha also clarified on the always talked about disagreement with the Home Minister. He made it clear that on the issue of Naxalism, he was never on a confrontation with the Home Minister, with whom he has worked for a number of years together. However, DCFC’s short term memory remembers something else.

Editor’s Para

We try to recall the event when the confrontation came in front of everybody. Diggy Chacha called Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram (Chiddu Uncle) as an “intellectually arrogant”. DCFC had an emergency meeting after the statement and maintained protest against Chiddu Uncle and advised him to train from Diggy Chacha as how to remain intellectual without being arrogant.

We would like to show our readers the statements of Diggy Chacha.

"He (Chiddu Uncle) is extremely intelligent, articulate, committed and a sincere politician - but extremely rigid once he makes up his mind. I have been a victim of his intellectual arrogance many times but we still are good friends," Chacha said.

In an article in a newspaper, Singh, during whose tenure as Chief Minister Maoist-affected Chhattisgarh was carved out of Madhya Pradesh, suggested treating the Naxalite issue as a law and order problem was wrong and called for a rethink of counter-Maoist strategy.

"In this case (regarding Maoists), I have differed with his (Chidambaram's) strategy that does not take into consideration the people living in the affected area who ultimately matter. He is treating it purely as a law and order problem without taking into consideration the issues that affect the tribals," Singh said.

"When I raised these issues with him (Chidambaram), he said it was not his responsibility," said the AICC General Secretary noting that he has known Chidambaram since 1985 when both were elected to Parliament.

Chacha further said "the buck stops with the chief minister for law and order and not with the Union Home Minister.

However, considering it as an ordinary statement, AICC General Secretary Janardhan Dwivedi said “Congress is a democratic party. Every one has a right to express his or her views but such views should be expressed within the party forums only."

However, Congress High Command (particularly Madamji) took it seriously and the result is that Chiddu Uncle has changed his attitude. (DCFC says don’t dare to take pangaa with Diggy Chacha)

Chacha told one news channel (very humbly), “Now as far as my personal remark on Chidambaram, I have already conveyed my regret (modest approach of Chacha) to him. I think he has changed quite a lot now.”

Editor’s para end here

"The issue is simple, I have always followed the Congress line throughout. The Congress has always felt it is a socio-economic problem and it has to be dealt with in that order." Proudly, Diggy Chacha said showing his loyalty and honesty towards Party. However, DCFC observed that after a long time Diggy Chacha’s statement matched with Congress Party’s policies. When we confirmed it with a Congress leader he said that even he was used to hear same remarks either from Diggy Chacha or from Congress spokesperson that “it was his personal view/remark and not Party’s statement.”

Chacha said, "I would place communalism and fundamentalism, which is linked to terrorism, as an equal threat to internal security. I think if not more dangerous, it is as dangerous as left wing extremism."
Though at first sight it felt that Chacha’s views regarding communalism changed so much he clarified and said the root problem.

Explaining the problem of Naxalism, the former chief minister of Madhya Pradesh said, the real issue was lack of governance and empowerment of people and control on natural resources.

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