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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

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No takers for Diggy Chacha’s Matang Singh in Team Congress - Digvijay Singh Blog

Confusion! Confusion!! Team Congress has continued its confusing way of working burnt of which is felt by the party best, most loyal and honest and world’s most intelligent leader, Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha). Just 2 days back in a royal ceremony (for which even England’s queen will feel embarrassed), Diggy Chacha, Guru of India’s future PM Rahul Baba’s re-inducted former union parliamentary affairs minister Mr. Matang Singh. Matang Singh had been thrown out of the Congress party in 2000 following his "anti-party activities". However, Gandhian Diggy Chacha who is famous for his quotes that Kalmadi and Chavan (“unquoted A.Raja and Kanimozhi”) are innocent had also put some showers of his forgiveness on Matang Singh.

"Matang Singh is now in the party fold," the AICC general secretary in-charge of Assam, Chacha said with a pride.

However, the conspirators have their days and Congress spokesperson, Manish Tewari said that it had not readmitted Matang Singh, who was suspended for anti-party activities 11 years ago. Though he confirmed about it but his words were not able to confirm. "I am sure that Matang Singh has not been taken in the party," he told reporters amid repeated questions on the issue.

The disclaimer came in the backdrop of reports that the former Union minister had been taken back to the party fold after a meeting with Congress chief Sonia Gandhi along with AICC general secretary in-charge of Assam Digvijay Singh. Agency reports had attributed his homecoming to the general secretary

What is happening with Diggy Chacha? DCFC is now worried that yesterday there were nobody to take his statements in Congress and today there is nobody to take his persons inducted in the party. “This is really unfortunate and we condemn it,” said a supporter of Diggy Chacha. He said on a condition of anonymity that there are a lot of conspirators against Diggy Chacha who are jealous of his growth. Just before re-induction, Matang Singh has gone through a detailed training from Diggy Chacha. Diggy Chacha gave all his qualities, lessons of life, loyalties towards Madamji and Rahul Baba and non-violence of Gandhiji. However, creating confusions is now becoming habits of some senior Congress leaders.

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